Suzuki SMX 50 Supermotard (SuperMoto) Specs and Info

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2001 Suzuki SMX 50 Supermoto parts…

01 Suzy SMX 50 Supermoto parts

A little bit about the Suzuki SMX50 Supermotard………

Bike model: Suzuki SMX 50 Supermotard
Manufacturer: Suzuki Spain (Suzuki Motor Espana)
Years (in the UK): Available as a Grey Import only. The SMX50 was never an official bike in the UK although a few have been imported into the UK over the years.
Manufactured years: 1999 till ermmmm, we don’t know!
Frame number: Started – VTTSA12A0—— Continue reading

Motorcycle Battery Basics – Different Kinds of Motorbike Battery

What is a Motorcycle Battery?

A motorcycle battery is basically an electrical storage devices that stores electrical energy by using a reversible chemical reaction between the lead and the acid in a battery.
Battery Electrolyte (also known as Battery Acid) is a mixture of sulfuric acid and distilled water which is added to motorcycle batteries and is used as a conductor between the lead in the battery and the battery acid to create an electrical charge.
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Kawasaki ZX6R F Ninja Specs and Info

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1997 Kawasaki ZX-6R Ninja

Servicing your bike? You’ll need a ZX6R workshop manual…

Kawasaki ZX6R Ninja Specs…..

The Kawasaki ZX6-R Ninja (F1, F2 and F3 models) was a fully faired sports bike produced in the UK in the UK between 1995 and 1998. The ZX6R F was very similar in style to the ZX9R Ninja released in 1994 and used the same ram air intake system (a system that was originally developed for the ZZR1100 in 1990)

The ZX6R F had 100bhp and a claimed 0-60 time of 3.6 seconds. It was replaced in 1998 by the ZX6R G model.
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Honda XL125S Specs and Info (1979 to 1985)


1979 Honda XL125S

Honda XL125S Specs…..

The Honda XL125S was a road legal off road motorcycle manufactured between 1979 and 1985.
The XL125 S had a reliable 4 stroke, 124cc, single cylinder, air cooled engine. The XL125S had a few improvements over the earlier XL125 models including electronic CDI, 6 speed gearbox and rubber mounted indicators, making them less likely to stop working in the event of a fall.
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Choosing the right oil: Synthetic oil – what is it?

What is synthetic motorcycle oil?

There are basically two types of synthetic base oil used in synthetic motorcycle oils.

The most common is the Group 3 – which are a really a super refined mineral (also called hydrocracked), the commonest being XHVI, which is made by Shell and promoted by them as a synthetic, as they are a very big company, and XHVI is a lot cheaper than a Group 1 (proper) synthetic, most folk go along with them!

The proper Group 1 synthetics are man made blends of PAO’s (polyalphaolefins) and Esters, being specified for stability and lubricity.
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Choosing the right oil: What do the letters and numbers mean?

SAE Oil-What do the numbers mean?

What do the letter and numbers mean on motorcycle oil bottles (e.g. 10w40)?

As well as being defined by their type (e.g. Synthetic, Semi-Synthetic or Mineral), motorcycle engine oil is also defined by it’s thickness (or viscosity). The viscosity rating is normally displayed on the oil container by a series of 2 numbers separated by a letter (e.g. 10w40 or 20w50).
This grade is also known as the SAE grade of the oil (e.g. SAE 10w40). SAE stands for the Society of Automotive Engineers and they are one of the the bodies responsible for publishing the standards that govern Automotive Oils (2 other bodies that grade oils are API, American Petroleum Institute and JASO, Japanese Automotive Standards Organization).
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Are gel filled motorcycle batteries the best thing since sliced bread?

Gel battery equals sliced bread?

Are motorcycle gel filled batteries any good?

There’s alot of information on the internet about Gel Batteries being ‘better’ and more reliable/powerful than maintenance free motorcycle batteries or the older style lead acid motorbike batteries.

1) Are Gel batteries more powerful than their sealed or conventional equivalents?
This is partly true, gel filled batteries used to be slightly more powerful for their size than sealed or conventional batteries. Continue reading

Winter Battery Maintenance: Charging batteries by starting the bike…

Use a motorcycle battery charger!
Time to dispel a motorcycle urban myth……………………

This blog is about charging your motorcycle battery by starting your bike and letting it tick over for 10 to 20 mins once or twice a month.


It seemed like a good idea at the time……….