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Yamaha XJ900F Specs and Info (1985 to 1994)

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Yamaha XJ900 F

Yamaha XJ900F specs…..

The Yamaha XJ900 F was a half faired sports touring bike manufactured by Yamaha between 1985 and 1994 (in the UK). The XJ900 had an 891cc inline 4 cylinder engine, shaft drive and a ‘bikini’ style top fairing. Later models also had a belly pan as standard.
The original XJ900, released in 1983 with the 31A model code, had a small fairing mounted to the handle bars which affected the bikes handling and caused a ‘weave’ at higher speeds. After this, Yamaha fitted, to the XJ900F, a larger frame mounted fairing and a few other modifications which improved the handling.
Due to the ease of servicing and maintenance, as well as the shaft drive, the XJ900 F proved a reliable and popular bike for Yamaha and the XJ900 was produced till 1994 when it was replaced by the XJ900S Diversion.
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