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Basic engine maintenance for our budget Suzuki AN 125 scooter project

How to change the engine oil in a Suzuki AN125 (1995 to 2000 model)…..

Tools and parts needed:

AN125 oil, filter and tools
Oil, filter and tools needed for a Suzuki AN125 oil change
  • 1 litre of good quality** 10w40 scooter oil (you can also use a fully synthetic 10w40 oil). You will need 850ml of 10w40 oil to refill the engine.
  • 1 x Filtrex OIF011 oil filter (alternative filters: Hiflo HF131 and Champion X327)
  • 1 x waste oil container (a washing up bowl or similar will do)
  • Ratchet with 10mm (oil filter cover bolts), 12mm (oil filter drain bolt) and 14mm (main engine oil drain bolt) sockets (you can use spanners*** of the same sizes, but it’s easier with sockets!)
  • 1 x Phillips/cross head screwdriver (to remove the front access panel)

** = We ALWAYS recommend using a good quality semi synthetic or fully synthetic oil in a scooter. Due to the bodywork on most scooters, they tend to run fairly hot (mainly because the bodywork tends to restrict airflow and cooling), a good semi or fully synthetic oil works better at protecting the engine at hotter temperatures than a lower spec oil.

Tip:*** = If you are using spanners instead of a socket set, please try, where ever possible to use the closed, ring end of the spanner instead of the open end as the closed end gives a better grip on the nut or bolt (this helps to avoid slipping and rounding the head off!)

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