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Suzuki AN125

A little bit about the Suzuki AN125…..

The Suzuki AN 125 was sold in the UK between February 1995 and December 2000 and was marketed as a ‘futuristic styled’ scooter.

Working on your bike? You’ll need a AN 125 workshop manual…

Basic model info…

Manufacturer: Suzuki
Model: AN125
CC: 124cc
Engine type: Single cylinder (4 stroke)
Years in production: 1995 to 2000
Style of bike: Scooter
Insurance: Group 3 (of 17 – estimated) – Insurance just gone up? Get a discount at

Models and years (in the UK)

AN125 S (Feb 1995 to Dec 1995)…..
Frame number started: CF42A-100001—-
Description: 125cc Mono shock scooter with 10 inch, 3 spoke wheels, trapezoidal type headlight and built in indicators.
The AN125 has ‘futuristic styling’ (Suzuki’s words, not ours!), lockable front storage box, dual seat with underseat compartment and a rear carrier rack.
Available colours: Maroon or black
Cost new: £1999
AN125 T (Jan 1996 to Nov 1996)…..
Frame number started: CF42A-109715—-
Description: Same as the AN125-S but available in silver instead of black
Available colours: Maroon or silver
Cost new: £2265
AN125 V (Dec 1996 to June 1997)…..
Frame number started: CF42A-115523—-
Description: Same as the previous year model with no changes
Available colours: Maroon or silver
Cost new: £2299
AN125 W (Jul 1997 to Oct 1998)…..
Frame number started: CF42A-119737—-
Description: Same as the AN125 T and V models but available in green instead of maroon
Available colours: Green or silver
Cost new: £2299
AN125 X (Nov 1998 to Nov 2000)…..
Frame number started: CF42A-124888—-
Description: Same as the AN125-W but available in maroon instead of silver
Available colours: Maroon or green
Cost new: £2299

Engine and gearbox stuff…

Displacement: 124 cc
Engine type: Single cylinder (single overhead cam – SOHC), 4 stroke, air cooled, automatic
Bore and stroke: 52mm x 58.6mm
Lubrication: Wet sump
Oil filter: Filtrex OIF011, Hiflo HF131, Champion X327
Engine oil: 10w40 scooter oil (API SG or higher)
Clutch: Variator type clutch
Gearbox: Automatic
Gearbox oil: From engine (doesn’t need a separate gearbox oil)
Power: 10.2 bhp (UK model)
Torque: 10 nm
0-60 mph time: 15.9 seconds
AN125 side view

Side view of an ‘S’ reg Suzuki AN125

Carb, fuel and oil stuff…

Fuel system: Carburetor
Fuel type: Unleaded petrol
Engine oil: 10w40 scooter oil (API SG or higher)

Note: Although Suzuki say you can use any 10w40 motorcycle oil in the AN125, we would recommend using at least a good quality (API SL or higher) semi synthetic motorcycle oil. Unfortunately, scooters (especially air cooled, plastic covered ones!) do have a tendency to run hot (and overheat!). Better quality oils work better at higher temps, lower quality oils can break down at higher temps.

AN 125 front view

Front view of a silver AN 125

Electric stuff…

Ignition type: Electric CDI
Starter: Electric start and kick start
Electrical system voltage: 12 volts
Spark plug (AN125 S – Feb 1995 to Dec 1995): NGK CR8E
Spark plug (AN125 T/V/W – Jan 1996 to Oct 1998): NGK CR7E
Spark plug (AN125 X – Nov 1998 to Nov 2000): NGK CR8E
Battery: AN125 battery – YTX7A-BS / CTX7A-BS


  • Unusually, the maintenance free battery in the AN125 sits on its side in the scooter. You MUST allow 48 hours after filling and charging the battery before using it.
    This gives the acid in the battery time to be absorbed by the lead plates which means it is less likely to leak when its on its side in the scooter.
  • The YTX7-ABS battery is a 12 volt, 6 amp/hour battery and is length: 150mm width: 87mm height: 94mm in size (more info…).
  • The 1st letter(s) of the battery reference code is a manufacturers reference mark and may vary between different battery makes (different battery manufacturers use different 1st letters), so CTX7A-BS, YTX7A-BS and CBTX7A-BS are all the same battery just from different manufacturers (more info…).
  • Also…… I would personally recommend avoiding buying the cheapest of the cheap type batteries online as they have a horrendous failure rate (and they don’t always soak all the battery electrolyte up which can lead to messy leaks).
Battery location: The battery is located on the right side of the bike, just below where your right foot would be if you were riding the bike. To get to the battery remove the screw on the right side of the grey, plastic panel on the side of the bike (just below the foot board panel). Take the grey plastic panel off (being careful not to break the lugs!). Under this panel is a black plastic cover panel. Remove the 2 allen key screws from the panel (1 on each side), take the panel off and the battery is underneath.
Suzuki AN125 battery location

An125 battery location

Suzuki AN125 specs

Another view showing the battery location on a Suzuki AN 125

Shocks, brakes and wheels stuff…

Front tyre size: 350-10 (tubeless)
Front tyre pressure: 29psi
Rear tyre size: 350-10 (tubeless)
Rear tyre pressure: 33psi
Front brake: Disc brake
Front disc part no: EBC MD911D
Front brake pad: EBC FA230
Rear brake: Drum brake
Rear brake shoe: EBC S624
Front wheel type: 3 Spoke alloy wheel
Rear wheel type: 3 Spoke alloy wheel
Front Suspension: Telescopic forks
Rear Suspension: Single monoshock

Weights ‘n stuff…

Length (wheelbase): 1,300 mm
Seat height: 765 mm
Dry weight: 99 kg
AN125 front storage compartment

The front storage compartment on an AN125

Service stuff…

Servicing your bike? You’ll need a AN125 manual…
Oil change frequency: Every 4000km (2485 miles) or 20 months
Engine oil capacity: 0.9 litre (oil filter takes approx 50ml)
Engine oil: 10w40 scooter oil (API SG or higher)

A step by step guide about how to change the engine oil in an AN125 is here…

Final drive change frequency: check every 8000km (4970 miles) or 40 months
Final drive oil capacity: 90ml
Final drive oil: 10w40 motorcycle oil
Front (hydraulic) brake system
Front brake fluid change frequency: Check every 4000km (2485 miles) or 20 months and change every 24 months
Front brake fluid: DOT 4 brake fluid
Front fork oil change frequency: check every 8000km (4970 miles) or 40 months
Front fork oil capacity: 90ml
Front fork oil: 15w (intermediate) fork oil
Suzuki AN125 clocks

AN125 Cockpit and clocks


Suzuki bike parts – Yep, we got out there and measured the damn thing!

Disclaimer: The information on this page is correct to the best of our knowledge. But the info should NOT be taken as 100% accurate as we can, occasionally make mistakes!


145 responses to “Suzuki AN125 Specs and Info (1995 to 2000)”

  1. Johan van Zyl (South Africa) Avatar
    Johan van Zyl (South Africa)

    Hi guys,

    I bought a AN125 from a friend of mine with 1,800km on the clock. With the current petrol prices only travel on my scooter, Modeo and C2 stays in my garage.

    My AN125 was manufactured in China and the “new” imports are from India and selling for R12,00 in our currency, about 800 Pounds English currency as 2014 models.

    Could you help, how do one ajust the headlights?

    Thanks for all the info on your site.

    1. I think there’s an adjuster screw on the inside of the cover, by the headlight (you may have to remove the handle bar backing panel to get to it)?

  2. Joe Mason (Ireland) Avatar
    Joe Mason (Ireland)

    Hi guys,

    I have a 2009 model AN 125 and it’s due an oil/filter change.
    I want to purchase your AN 125 oil and filter set but despite intense searching, I cannot locate the oil filter. Any chance you could help out by describing its location?

    Thanks a million,


    1. If the filter is in the same place as the old AN125, it should be on the left hand side of the engine (left as your sitting on the bike), near where the stand connects to the frame (there should be a round plate covering it).

      The pic below might help you locate it (they are from a 1998 model, but might give you an idea of what your looking for?):

      AN125 oil filter

  3. hey all i have a 1995 model an125 i love it only prob is wen i bought it i had to replace the right braking master cylinder and now i only have one wing mirror (because the new cylinder did not have the hole for it)….
    my mot is due in april and im not sure wether to take off the other one or make a new space and replace the right one any ideas ??????????

    1. You will need a mirror on the right side for the MOT (you don’t have to have one on the left side).
      You could try either making space to fit a mirror with a handle bar clamp on the end or use a mirror that goes into the end of the handle bar.

      1. mrs d Avatar

        thanks for that,
        mot passed (eventually) without the right mirror,
        will try n get a handle bar mirror

        thanks again

  4. Jonas Wrisberg Avatar
    Jonas Wrisberg

    I am the glad owner, off a 1999 AN125. I ride it on a daily basis, but now need to replace the cylinder. I can’t find out, if my model is a 152QMI, or a 153QMI engine. I would like to order the parts, before tearin it appart. Is there any way I can find out what model it is, without tearing it appart?

    I am looking forward to any reply and help.
    Kind Regards

    1. The Suzuki AN125 use the same engine between 1995 and 2000, the only differences between the different years was colour changes (so the engine cylinder should be the same no matter what year?).

  5. Jonas Wrisberg Avatar
    Jonas Wrisberg

    Then, how do I found out if it is a 152qmi or a 153qmi, before tearin it appart? Is there a way to see it on the outside? On the side I linked to, there is a few differences, cam chain, etc, so I need to find out.

    1. You’ll probably need to ask the people who make or import the engine?

  6. Jonas Wrisberg Avatar
    Jonas Wrisberg

    I will try going that direction. Thanks for you effort and reply.

    Kind Regards

    1. You might want to try the site below for Suzuki AN125 engine parts (the cylinders should be the same on all the AN125’s between 1995 and 2000, if someone’s telling you they are different they may have the wrong info?):

  7. Hello. May i know where is the chassis and engine number located?

    1. The chassis number is stamped into the frame on the right side under where your feet sit (just behind the battery cover panel).
      I can’t see where the engine number might be on the scooter, I guess it would be stamped somewhere on the left side of the engine?

  8. me intereza saber donde se encuentra ..por donde se llena el aceite y que tapas hay que desmontar
    y donde se ve el nivel del aceite y si es BUENO HECHAR UNA TAPITA DE ACEITE EN LA GASOLINA …O NO

    1. El tapón de llenado de aceite se encuentra detrás del panel de debajo del asiento (el panel que se encuentra detrás de los pies), al lado de la culata del motor (ver foto abajo):

      Oil filling hole

      El perno de drenaje de aceite está bajo la moto, en la parte inferior del motor (ver foto abajo):

      Oil drain bolt

      No existe un nivel de aceite (creo), usted debe llenar con 850 ml de aceite de.

      Lo siento por mi mal español, yo uso Google translate! 🙂

      1. William Avatar

        Pues se entiende perfecto! 🙂

  9. frustration Avatar

    Something that should take a few minutes takes hours because of an complicated system/design that is not functional. In English can you point me into the direction of where we can top up the oil the picture doesn’t suffice. Thank you!

  10. frustration Avatar

    Ok found it Tks! Bastardo

    1. Glad you found it 🙂 We’ll be posting a new blog about changing the oil on the AN125 shortly……

  11. Borislaw Avatar

    Looking for a rear wheel for Suzuki AN 125cc

    1. Haven’t got a rear wheel at the moment unfortunately 🙁

  12. Borislaw Avatar

    I need very urgent .. I can not get from anywhere .. Assist

    1. We don’t have one, but you could try looking on Ebay?

  13. Borislaw Avatar

    I found only ring that I need but do not know if I’ll send her to Bulgaria and how much money it would cost delivery ..

    1. I think you need to ask the person selling the ring how much it would cost?

      1. Borislaw Avatar

        We agreed today to check and tell me how much it will cost.

  14. Just found this page, full of very useful information. Thank you.


  15. William Avatar

    Hi there,

    Glad to find this blog, recently I bought a second hand AN125 /2009 and I have been experiencing difficulties when I try to start it, even worse when the motorbike has been parked for more than 2 days. What do you think is happening??

    1. Could be due to a dirty carb? You could try running a good carb or fuel cleaner through it or possibly taking the carb apart and giving it a clean.

      1. George Avatar

        Where is the carb located??

        1. The carb is on the top/back of the engine. You would need to remove the front under seat cover to see it:

          AN125 with panel removed

          To access and work on the carb you would need to remove the side panels.

  16. Hi, I owned a 2001 AN125. Recently I found the front left fork was leaking, wonder if I can dismantle it to change faulty parts from a repair kit and top up with fork oil? What are the important points to look out? Thanks!

  17. Hi, I’m considering a new AN 125 (still found in NZ in some bike shops) and the newer model Suzuki 125 Address. Do you guys know what the difference is between these two. The AN is a little better in the styling department in my opinion, but it might be that the Address has an advantage under all that plastic?


    1. Is it the 2 stroke or 4 stroke Suzuki Address your looking at?

  18. Mohanned Avatar

    I have a Suzuki AN125 2013 model.
    I need to change the battery. I was told it was under the seat.
    Does anyone know exactly where it is located, and what it looks like.

    1. Not sure where the battery is on the 2013 model, is there any kind of access panel under the seat?

      1. Jay Barbee Avatar
        Jay Barbee

        Under the floor bord

  19. Hi, my Suzuki AN 125 has really problems starting after I did not use it for more than 2 weeks, once it has been running it starts up like a dream but everytime I did not use it for a while it takes a lot of revving until it starts. (Sometimes I discharged the battery before 🙁 ) So I think there is nothing wrong with the Scooter in general but it seems to me as it needs some sort of choke or maybe I need to prime the carburator first, is there a trick to do that?

    Thank you

    1. It’s possibly either a dirty carb or a faulty automatic choke?

      1. Had exactly the same problem with my AN125 being very difficult to start when cold or if left for a while. 🙂

        It was a faulty automatic choke, managed to source a new one (didn’t bother with a 2nd hand one as is likely to be in the same condition?), starts easily now!

  20. Hanora Doyle Avatar
    Hanora Doyle

    this page ,very helpful ,taking my a1 test soon and need to know which side of the scooter is the back brake operated from ? I know it sounds silly but I’ve tried looking at wheels braking but can’t see properly ,anyway I live in hope xx H,thanks again for page .

    1. Back brake is on the left handle bar, front brake is on the right handle bar (as your sitting on the bike).

      If you look closely around the levers, the front brake is hydraulic, so it will have a little reservoir mounted by the lever, the rear brake is cable operated (so you should see the cable end attached to the lever).

  21. Wondering if an exhaust from 00 model fit a 08 an 125…

    1. No, the exhausts are different.

  22. Do you know of any suppliers of exhausts for the 08 model.

    1. Unfortunately, I don’t know any exhaust suppliers for the 2008 model (seems to be difficult to get hold of for some reason?)

  23. 2009 an 125hk Avatar
    2009 an 125hk

    I have a 2009 Suzuki an125hk scooter i put Castrol Magnatec 10 w 40 oil in it said use for car petrol and diesel i thought that scooters use car oil but after reading this i realise my mistake ive only ridden it a short distance around the block after topping it up i plan to do a oil and filter change on it and use 10 w 40 motorcycle oil is this correct? is there any other steps i need to take because iv’e had the wrong oil in it?

    Also for some reason when i use the indicator it does not flash and the electric start doesn’t work the headlight seems to work fine when riding any idea where and what to start checking

    1. You should be ok if you have changed the oil.

      Not sure what could be causing your electrical problem, have you checked the indicator relay?

  24. My AN125 has issue of suddenly loosing acceleration while running. Like no petrol flow into the engine. After few seconds it’s ok again. It happens very suddenly. I changed out the battery and it was fine for few months but happening again.
    Does the CDI ( carbeurator) faulty??

    1. Sam McPherson Avatar
      Sam McPherson

      Theres a device that only allows fuel to feed when there is vacuum from the engine. When they are faulty they only bleed through a tiny amount of fuel. As you burn the fuel in the fuel bowel of the carb you run out. And the device slowly feeds fuel through. It’s on the fuel line between the fuel filter and carb. Bypass it to check if it’s that. I had the same problem. Bypassed it and fixed

      1. Grant ODonnell Avatar
        Grant ODonnell

        My 2010 AN 125 was running sweet,stopped at friends to have lunch jumped on to go home “nothing” turn key on everything dead. This model has the safety mechanism on the side stand which at first I thought maybe problem but then realised key on everything dead. Must be battery ??. But no sign before this that battery was faulty. If not battery what other possibilities could it be. Thanks

        1. There are a few possibilities……

          • The battery could be dead
          • The battery terminal leads could be loose (this is a common fault on bikes when the bolts connecting the leads to the battery aren’t tight enough
          • Or, it could be the main fuse that’s blown. It’s normally on the positive (red) battery lead or in the fuse box

          Any of these would mean the scooter is totally dead.

          Happy new year 🙂

  25. I need a ignition CDI box for my suzuki AN125 HK 2008 model scooter.

    1. Sorry, can’t help you with the CDI 🙁

  26. Sam Koshebye Avatar
    Sam Koshebye

    Hi guys,
    Very glad such a site exists.
    I want to buy a brand new “an125” of the year 2016 and I wanted to know if there are any changes in this model.

    1. There would be a lot of changes between the model in this post and the 2016 model (the 2016 model will be completely different).

      To get the specs of the 2016 model you could check the Suzuki website or ask your nearest Suzuki dealer for a sales booklet?

  27. Hi,
    I have to take out the carburetor of my AN 125 from 09/1997.
    No idea where to start, can somebody give me an idea about
    how to go about it? (Starting problems with cold engine as has been explained before)
    May be there is already a web-site explaining it?
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Is yours a 2009 or 1997 bike?

      1. It is a 1997.
        Only with 800km on the clock , but was running well until recently.
        I have the same symptoms as the comment of 4th of may. (Pete)
        I would like to give it a try anyway.

        1. I have the same problem with the AN125 I’ve got, it’s probably the automatic choke that needs replacing.
          The auto choke is a small relay on the top/side of the carb (has a wire or 2 coming out of it).
          I don’t think the auto chokes can be cleaned or repaired, they usually get replaced.
          To get to the carb you need to remove the dark grey side panels and the front panel (the grey panel that sits under the seat, just behind your feet).

          1. Fixed the problem of the bike being very difficult to start when cold or if left for a while. 🙂

            It was a faulty automatic choke, managed to source a new one (didn’t bother with a 2nd hand one as is likely to be in the same condition?), starts easily now!

  28. I answered allready earlier, I think it didn’t get through somehow.
    I have a 1997 AN 125.
    Same problems as Pete.
    She is still in very good condition.
    Just 800 km on the clock.

    1. Your comment did get through, but comments don’t get posted on here automatically, I have to manually approve them (helps to prevent spamming!).

  29. Joe Bergh Avatar

    I have a an125 scooter, is this a 2 stroke or 4 stroke motor.?

    1. Should be 4 stroke.
      If you want to double check look to see if there’s a separate 2 stroke oil reservoir under the seat.

      1. Thanks!! I will give it a go with the auto choke first, will let you know about the result.

  30. I have a 2008 Suzuki AN125hk in New Zealand. It looks like this:
    My clutch material transfers to the clutch bell, which gives jumpy engagement.
    Do you know where to get a heavy duty clutch from? And is the engine a Gy6? Engine same as the ’95 – ’00? Thanks.

    1. I’m fairly certain the engines are different.

      You could try seeing if a company called Lucas make a clutch for your bike, they did make better quality, heavy duty clutches (not sure if they do scooter clutches though?)

  31. Russ Bettany Avatar
    Russ Bettany

    Hi, I have a 2008 an125, she clever sod tried to steal the bike and used a screwdriver in the ignition to try and break the steering lock and take the bike, they failed but they were successful in damaging the lock. I now cannot start the bike or release the steering lock, I’m guessing I’ll need a new ignition barrel but can’t identify which one I need without removing it and haven’t been able to find instructions on how to do it – can you help?

    1. Russ Bettany Avatar
      Russ Bettany

      BTW I’m in the UK

    2. You will probably have to remove the front fairings to get to the lock?
      There does seem to be a few locks for sale on Amazon (link below):

      Suzuki AN125 locks…..

  32. Sayed Qurany Ali Avatar
    Sayed Qurany Ali

    i have scooter AN 125 year 1996 and need to buy a new motor for it can any body help me where to buy

    1. Ebay would probably be the best place to get a 2nd hand engine……

      AN125 engine parts on Amazon…

  33. Hi white dog need your help again… ordered an oil filter but need the seal too and cant find one its a w reg any thoughts on this my friend.

    1. 2000 model same as the silver but in dark green bud

    2. I don’t think any of the aftermarket oil filters come with the oil seals. The genuine Suzuki oil filter might, but you would need to check with a Suzuki main dealer.

      Alternatively, the company below look like they sell them (please note, I’ve never used the company below so can’t say if they are any good or not!):

      AN125 oil filter seals…

      1. Ok thanks i will check it out, Thanks again

  34. Hi Whitedog,
    The rear shock on my AN is knackered, could you tell me what the correct measurement is for a replacement monoshock?
    Many thanks.

    1. We don’t have any data on the shock size, you’ll probably need to remove and measure your old one?

      1. Ok, thanks for coming back to me.

  35. Bill Mann Avatar

    Cannot unlock seat. Any suggestions??

    1. Spray a lube oil (something like WD40) into the keyhole and any lock cables or parts you can get to, leave it for a few hours to see if it loosens the seat catch up?

      1. Bill Mann Avatar

        Perfect, thanks. You guys rock

  36. Buddika Avatar

    Hi I’m using AN125-(China), two times emission fail in idle mode (RPM-1120=CO-7.84) How can I adjust?

    1. Try giving the bike a good service (including the oil, air filter and oil filter).
      Is the exhaust intact and undamaged and how many miles has the bike done?

  37. Hi guys , 2013 an 125 4st, rear tail light replacement? what am I doing wrong, it looks like you have to dismantle half the bloody bike to get to it, cant seem to get the bulb out from the back nor can I get the whole assembly out, have removed the seat and storage area under it and can see 4 mounting screws for the tail light assembly, none of which are easy to get at, I’m lost and just a wee bit pissed off (not my bike, doing some work for a neighbor to help him out)

    1. Got to admit, I haven’t got any experience with the 2013 model…..

      Is it just the bulb or the whole light your trying to replace?

  38. darren smith Avatar
    darren smith

    do you no the correct timing setting for a an125 1995 just had to get a full top end for my bike but cant find info on how to set the timing now.

    1. Unfortunately, I don’t know the timings.

      You may have to ask a friendly Suzuki dealer or buy a service manual to get them…..

  39. Bill Mann Avatar
    Bill Mann

    On my 2011 AN. How often should l top up oil, since no dipstick to check. Don’t want to overfill

    1. Is there not a window or anything in the side of the engine for checking the level?
      I know on the older AN125’s the window is difficult to see, so it might be hidden behind something.

      1. Bill Mann Avatar

        Does it burn a lot of oil?

        1. No, it doesn’t seem to burn any oil…

  40. I have an an125, and I need to change the break light. How do I get access to it?

    1. What model/year is your AN125?

  41. Kay Svartbekk Avatar
    Kay Svartbekk

    Hi, and happy holidays! I have some issues with my 1997 AN125. The carburettor has been rebuilt, and everything is correctly set. It starts up very easily. Also no problem to accelerate and rev it up when the bike is on its centre stand. When driving off, it goes well up to 40-50 km/t. Then it starts to stutter, as if it can’t go faster. It also threatens to stall… Could this be a blown head gasket? Or a broken valve? I have also seen a lot of blue smoke from the exhaust, so I assume excessive oil consumption too… Better off with a New engine….? Thanks for any comment,
    Best regards
    Kay in Norway

    1. What’s the mileage on the bike?

      Blue smoke is normally oil burning, this can happen if the seals or piston rings are worn allowing oil to get into the combustion chamber to get burnt (hence the smoke).

      If it was a broken valve you would normally hear a noise from the engine (or it wouldn’t run at all).

  42. Howzit, was curious does anyone know the highest kilometers traveled with the an125 scoot? I own 4 of these wonderful little machines and haven’t an ounce of trouble. Am a domestic fridge mac and shoot all over town with them, one at a time. When one needs some work done on it, the next gets used, and the same goes when it rains or I get a callout to a farm on a gravel road, I’ll use the oldest scoot. On a good day I travel up to 200km. Also own a yamaha rs 125 and have done 31 000 km on her without as much as a hiccup. What fun, get paid to enjoy the ride.

    1. Got to admit, all the ones I’ve seen have ridiculously low mileage?

  43. Hi Bill Mann here again. Own a 2011 an125. Idles great but under load, once in awhile sputters,loses power. Pull over, shut it off, start up no problem goes, then sputters again. Bad gas? Or something more serious?

    1. That’s a difficult one if the bike’s only doing it now and again……
      Your best bet would be to drain out the old fuel and put fresh in if you think it might be bad. You can also check all the rubber air and fuel hoses for splits, damage and to make sure there routed the correct way (so there not being squashed by anything etc)?

    2. mike here, maybe i can help you bill. whats the distance traveled on your scoot

  44. Bill Mann Avatar
    Bill Mann

    I was told CDI unit

    1. Could be, either that or the pick up or worn stator plate?

  45. David Strba Avatar
    David Strba

    Hi, i have suzuki an 125hk 2008 is this engine gy6? Please

    1. Don’t know to be honest, we don’t have any specs for the 2008 model.

  46. Hi we have a Suzuki an125 scooter. Trying to change the bulb for the front headlight. Have access up by the front wheel and also by moving aside a few things at the top by still tight. How do I actually remove the bulb? Do I need to unclip or unscrew anything?

    1. I think you normally have to unscrew and remove the front panel that the headlight sit’s in to gain access to the bulb (it’s screwed in from the back of the panel)?

  47. I had a fall with my AN125 2019 and need to replace the two front plastic panels and head light. The parts are not available in South Africa, do you know of any reliable supplier to order from.

    1. Unfortunately, I don’t know anyone who can supply you. Because of how new the bike is, you might have to go to a Suzuki dealer to get the parts?


    1. You will need to know the make/model and year of the bike to buy performance parts. If it’s a 1995 to 2000 Suzuki AN125 there’s not many performance parts available as it wasn’t really the kind of bike people customize and it’s an older bike now (not a newer, more popular one).

  49. Bill Mann Avatar
    Bill Mann

    Heh guys. Year ltr. Replaced cdi-cpu last year. Loosing power again. Count on replacing every year? Dirty gas? Oil change?
    Thanks BDABill

    1. What’s the mileage on the bike?

      Could be worn piston rings if the mileage is higher, or possibly a dirty carb in need of cleaning.

      Is the bike just starting to lose power or has it been loosing power for a while?

  50. Hey everyone. I own a an125 2007. Can someone please tell me how to lose the rear wheel nut due to tire change? It is impossibly hard tighten and i can’t get it off. I have tried everything like the candle method and coca cola method… but no success.

    1. Have you tried having someone sitting on the bike and holding the rear brake while you use a breaker bar to loosen it off?

      Breaker bars…

      If this hasn’t worked you may need to find a garage that has an air impact gun?
      You might be able to loosen it off with an electric one depending how tight it is?

      Electric impact guns…

  51. Jason Avatar

    How are where is the spark plug on a 125cc an suzuki and best way to get to it……

    1. There may be a access panel in the bottom of the seat compartment (been a while since I changed one so can’t remember!).
      Or you might have to remove the panel that sits under the front of the seat, just behind where your feet rest?

      You can view pics of the panel here:

  52. Game Over Avatar
    Game Over

    Hi .

    I’m Ali from Iraq , Baghdad , I have a 125An Suzuki , Please how can I know the date of manufacturing , by the way the notic card on the scooter wroten in Germany language

    Thanks a lot , have a nice day

    1. Not sure if you can find the actual date of manufacture, you can get the approx date from the frame number or model code. Only people who might know the exact date are Suzuki or possibly a Suzuki dealer?

  53. Grant ODonnell Avatar
    Grant ODonnell

    My 2010 AN 125 was running sweet,stopped at friends to have lunch jumped on to go home “nothing” turn key on everything dead. This model has the safety mechanism on the side stand which at first I thought maybe problem but then realised key on everything dead. Must be battery ??. But no sign before this that battery was faulty. If not battery what other possibilities could it be. Thanks

    1. There are a few possibilities……

      • The battery could be dead
      • The battery terminal leads could be loose (this is a common fault on bikes when the bolts connecting the leads to the battery aren’t tight enough
      • Or, it could be the main fuse that’s blown. It’s normally on the positive (red) battery lead or in the fuse box

      Any of these would mean the scooter is totally dead.

      Happy new year 🙂

    2. Panagiotis Avatar

      I have a Suzuki AN 125 model 2000.
      When I start the engine it runs normally.
      When I lower it from the stand the engine turns off.
      Does anyone know what this problem is?
      Is it a matter of grounding?
      And how do I solve it?

  54. Daniel Mansell Avatar
    Daniel Mansell

    Well my bike was surging in power one second then lacking in power the next I drained the petrol tank to find that someone had put a load of sugar in my tank not good as now its had to be taken apart to rectify someone’s stupid ways of sabotage

  55. Hi There,

    What’s the up arrow inside a circle light in the display represent?

    It’s an AN125 from 2014 (I think)

    Thanks for your help!

    1. Not sure to be honest, if the light is green and flashes it could be your indicator light?

  56. Helene Avatar

    Hi again,

    I have an 1997 AN 125 Suzuki. Accelerating quickly she makes a sound like a car with a bad V-belt. Also when coming to the red traffic light she makes a recurring similar rubbing sound but very quiet. I am guessing the accelerating noise is coming from the clutch, could the second sound also be the clutch? (second sound started after changing the back tyre.

    Thank you for your advise!!!

    1. You might want to check the drive belt and pulleys first. These do need replacing every so often as they wear. When were yours last replaced?

    2. Cik man Avatar

      Hi, you might need to check few thing :
      1.your gear oil dry out.
      2.rear pulley , auto shoes or variator need service

  57. Helene Avatar

    I haven’t changed them, I probably did about 3000,- km. Don’t think the previous owner changed them just before selling.
    I will check it and get back to you if I have any problems. Thank you a lot for your help! Very much appreciated!

  58. malifik Avatar

    Hi, hope someone can help?
    I have a 2015 suzuki an125 (chinese copy), the exhaust has broken so require a new one.
    Struggling to find which one it is, I am in the UK, not sure if the bergman model uses the same system?
    Appreciate anyones help

  59. Emma renwick Avatar
    Emma renwick

    Hello I’m wondering if there are any burmans for sale 1995 model AN125 and a know price to pay if good condition low mileage please?

    My son got hit not his fault and his bike was a right off. The insurance company want more evidence of ones for sale so can be any way in any country.

    I’ve looked on google but can’t find any.
    Thank you.

  60. Stig Stenbro Avatar
    Stig Stenbro

    Why is it so hard to find reviews, tests on this scooter? What is the topspeed?

  61. Suzuki an150.. Year 2002.. my engine was 157qmj.. is it same like gy6? What type case? Can i put gy6 crankshaft in it? Stroker kit? Big bore? I think i might mod the chassis n using TAIDA 232 engine..

  62. Andrii Avatar

    good day, friends! extremely need your help – i had suzuki an125 1996, and i need wiring diagram! a can’t wind it, thanks so much!

  63. Hi im wondering if you can help me im trying to figure out what bulb to use in my suzuki An 125 2008 front light does anyone know which one i cant find anything online

  64. Egnr lawalite Avatar
    Egnr lawalite

    I just bought An125 maybe 1997 model (fairly used) been finding it difficult to start. I’ve change the piston and ring, put new sparking plug still it didn’t start. I’m using the leg kick to start not the kick starter, the battery is run down so I removed battery I don’t know maybe it can be the cause of not starting, I also see their is one wire that removed from the caburator. Please help me I’ve try all my possible best to start the engine

    1. Queralliart Avatar

      Normally its all about ignition if motorbike failed to start.but on scooter for this model normally the diaphragm on the carburettor is spoilt and need replacement or others change to other model.also change the plug if needed.

    2. Try changing the ignition coil! It worked for me! Good luck!

    3. Auto choke might be on it’s way out, the one we had had the same problem and we traced it to the choke.

  65. Hi WhiteDogBikes, may I ask what is the valve clearance for intake and exhaust? it’s suzuki AN 125, not sure what year model. but it should be the similar issue with BillMan, it looses it’s power, while running.

    Thank you

  66. Hi WhiteDogBikes, do you know or any idea what triggers the autochoke of the carburator of Suzuki AN125?

    thank you

  67. Hi, I have a brand new part in the uk, for what looks like a scooter AN125. I owned it in 2000 second hand, it must have been from 95/97 . Maroon, looks like a front panel cover replacement, the bike was stolen before I could replace it. There are no reference numbers.

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