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Motorcycle battery maintenance, charging and fault finding information including frequently asked questions explained as well as detailed winter maintaining info.
Maintenance free battery
This section also contains details and results of tests we have and are currently conducting to find out the best ways to charge and maintain the batteries to keep them in peak condition.
You can also find the answer to many scooter and bike battery FAQ’s on our frequently asked battery questions page and find out how to correctly charge a battery on our battery charging page.

Battery Maintenance – What should I top up a conventional/lead acid battery with?

Maintaining you conventional or lead acid flooded cell motorcycle battery…..

CB14L-A2 motorcycle battery

Unlike their maintenance free or gel filled counterparts, Conventional Motorcycle Batteries need to have the battery acid levels checked and topped up occasionally.

But what should you top the battery up with? Continue reading

Battery Maintenance – Charging your motorcycle battery over the winter months-part 1….

Should I leave the battery charger connected to the battery over the winter or when I’m not using the motorbike?

Oximiser battery charger

OK, so it’s the end of the biking season. Your pride and joy is in the garage, shed or garden and you want to keep the battery topped up and ready for next year…..

If you have a motorbike battery charger, even one of the long term battery charger/maintainers it’s not a good idea to leave it connected for long periods while the bikes not being used. Continue reading

Motorcycle Battery Basics – Different Kinds of Motorbike Battery

What is a Motorcycle Battery?

A motorcycle battery is basically an electrical storage devices that stores electrical energy by using a reversible chemical reaction between the lead and the acid in a battery.
Battery Electrolyte (also known as Battery Acid) is a mixture of sulfuric acid and distilled water which is added to motorcycle batteries and is used as a conductor between the lead in the battery and the battery acid to create an electrical charge.
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Are gel filled motorcycle batteries the best thing since sliced bread?

Gel battery equals sliced bread?

Are motorcycle gel filled batteries any good?

There’s alot of information on the internet about Gel Batteries being ‘better’ and more reliable/powerful than maintenance free motorcycle batteries or the older style lead acid motorbike batteries.

1) Are Gel batteries more powerful than their sealed or conventional equivalents?
This is partly true, gel filled batteries used to be slightly more powerful for their size than sealed or conventional batteries. Continue reading

Winter Battery Maintenance: Charging batteries by starting the bike…

Use a motorcycle battery charger!
Time to dispel a motorcycle urban myth……………………

This blog is about charging your motorcycle battery by starting your bike and letting it tick over for 10 to 20 mins once or twice a month.