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Filtrex OIF032 oil filter fitment problem…..

We have, unfortunately, encountered a slight fitment problem with the Filtrex OIF032 oil filter in some Aprilia 1000cc motorcycles!
We have removed the Filtrex OIF032 filter from sale on our website and in our shop and have replaced it with the Hiflo HF152 filter.

The OIF032 filter is a paper element, aftermarket replacement filter for the genuine Aprilia OEM part #0256187.
The filter should be 74mm long and 56mm wide.
The filter is also supposed to be the same dimensions and fitment as the Hiflo HF152, K&N KN-152 and the Champion X312 oil filters.

OIF032 and HF152 side by side
Front view of the Filtrex OIF032 and Hiflo HF152 filters side by side

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Choosing the right oil: Should you use mineral, semi or fully synthetic motorcycle oil?

Quality wise, there are basically 4 different groups of modern motorcycle oils:

  • Mineral oils
  • Semi synthetic oils
  • Synthetic oils
  • Fully synthetic oils

This basic grading for oil types is used for both 2 stroke and 4 stroke oils. Mineral oils are the lowest quality and fully synthetic oils are the best quality.
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Use any old motorcycle oil in your bike, it all meets the spec anyway……Doesn’t it?

Does my oil meet the spec

Why should you use a proper motorcycle oil in your pride and joy, surely all oil meets the spec anyway?

So often the terms ‘oil is oil’ and ‘it all meets the spec’ are bandied about in conversation, both actual and virtually. Forums are awash with opinions on oil and lubrication, motorcycle arenas are especially prone to this and it never ceases to amaze me the utter, misguided, bollox that passes for expert internet opinion in this area. So here is my opinion (and actually, I really am an oil expert!).
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Rock Oil XRP 5w30 Increases BHP – Myth or Fact?

Rock Oil

Well, Rock Oil Synthesis XRP is a fully synthetic motorcycle oil developed for racing. XRP has been around for nearly 10 years now with claims that it can ‘increase horse power’, but is this statement actually true and exactly how could it increase BHP?

BMW S1000R run on XRP
A 2010 BMW S1000RR being filled with XRP 5w30 just before being run on a Dyno

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Choosing the right motorbike oil: What does JASO and JASO MA2 mean?

What does Jaso mean?

What does the JASO MA and JASO MA2 Motorcycle Oil Standard Mean?

In 1998 the Japanese Automotive Standards Organization (or JASO for short) developed a grading system for motorcycle oils.

The grading system measured (among other things) an oils ability to resist clutch friction (or slippage), protection offered against engine wear and pitting in the gear box.
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Choosing the right oil: Using car oils in a motorbike engine. Part 2…

It’s WAR in the car oil industry…..

…..And how it can ruin your bike engine!

Car vs bike oil

The recession is hitting some industries hard now and some companies will do ANYTHING to sell their products…..

But how does this affect using car oil in a motorcycle engine?
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Using Injector 2T Oil as Premix 2 Stroke Oil

Can you use a motorcycle injector 2 stroke oil as a premix 2T oil (and vice versa)?

2T injector or premix

Differences between 2 stroke premix and injector systems…..

What is a 2T premix system (also known as a Tank Mix system)?
A 2 stroke premix system is where you have to mix the 2 stroke oil and the petrol before you use it (normally in a container or in the fuel tank).
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Choosing the right oil: Synthetic oil – what is it?

What is synthetic motorcycle oil?

There are basically two types of synthetic base oil used in synthetic motorcycle oils.

The most common is the Group 3 – which are a really a super refined mineral (also called hydrocracked), the commonest being XHVI, which is made by Shell and promoted by them as a synthetic, as they are a very big company, and XHVI is a lot cheaper than a Group 1 (proper) synthetic, most folk go along with them!

The proper Group 1 synthetics are man made blends of PAO’s (polyalphaolefins) and Esters, being specified for stability and lubricity.
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