Using Injector 2T Oil as Premix 2 Stroke Oil

Can you use a motorcycle injector 2 stroke oil as a premix 2T oil (and vice versa)?

2T injector or premix

Differences between 2 stroke premix and injector systems…..

What is a 2T premix system (also known as a Tank Mix system)?
A 2 stroke premix system is where you have to mix the 2 stroke oil and the petrol before you use it (normally in a container or in the fuel tank).

What is a 2T injector system?
A 2 stroke injector system is where you have a separate 2 stroke oil bottle on the bike that you fill with the oil (the system then ‘injects’ the oil into the petrol as it goes to the engine).

Can I use a motorcycle 2 stroke injection oil in a tank mix / premix system?

YES, you can use a 2T injector oil as a premix.
BUT, a specifically designed Pre Mix 2T oil will protect and lubricate your engine better.

Can I use a 2T premix oil in a 2 stroke injector system?

NO, it’s not advisable to use a 2 stroke premix oil in a bike or scooter with a 2T injection system as a premix oil won’t lubricate the engine properly.

2 Stroke injector oils are made thinner then 2T premix oils with a bit of kerosene (which also lowers the flash point of the oil).
This means injector oils are more likely to be picked up by the fuel/air mixture as it flows through the port and into the engine and will mix with the fuel and ignite in the engine easier.

A 2 stroke premix oil should have no kerosene in it (so it’s thicker than an injector 2T oil) and sometimes uses a bigger molecule base oil which makes it harder to mix with the fuel. This isn’t a problem in a premix system as the petrol and 2 stroke oil are mixed beforehand, but in an injector system a premix oil wouldn’t mix with the fuel/air vapor properly and wouldn’t protect the engine.

All thrash and BLUE smoke baby!!!

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