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Different Motorbike Helmet Buckles…..

A motorcycle helmet buckle is the part on the end of the helmet strap that, when the 2 parts are connected together, holds the helmet securely on your head.
There are (in very basic terms!) 3 different motorbike helmet buckles, the quick release buckle, the ‘Double D’ buckle and the micro metric buckle……

The Quick Release Style Helmet Buckle

Quick release helmet buckle in helmet
View of a closed quick release buckle on an AGV helmet.
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What is the Nitro Micrometric Buckle and Helmet Strap?

The Micro-Metric strap retention system is a feature on many new Gmac and Nitro motorbike helmets.

The Micrometric strap works like a large, reusable cable tie with a toothed strap and a ratchet holding mechanism.

As well as being a very safe and secure system for holding the motorcycle helmet on your head the micro metric buckle can be done up and undone without taking your motorbike gloves off (unlike the conventional ‘Double D’ and ‘Seatbelt buckle’ strap systems that you need to take your gloves off to undo!).
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