Triumph Trident 900 Specs and Info

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Triumph Trident 900

Triumph Trident 900

Info on the Triumph Trident Sprint 900 (aka Sprint 900, the half faired version of this bike) is available HERE

Triumph Trident 900 Specs…..

The Triumph Trident 900 was a naked roadster motorcycle produced by Triumph and available for sale in the UK between 1991 and 1998.

The Trident 900 was was built in Triumph’s Hinckely (Leicestershire) plant from July 1991 and was discontinued in August 1998. The Trident 900 was succeeded by the Triumph Sprint ST.
The Trident used Triumph’s 885cc, 3 cylinder engine producing a claimed 98 BHP.

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A little bit about the Triumph Sprint 900…..

Basic model info…

Manufacturer: Triumph
Model: Trident 900
CC: 885cc
Engine type: Inline 3 cylinder (4 stroke)
Years in production: 1991 to 1998
Style of bike: Naked / roadster
Insurance: Group 14 (of 17) – Insurance too expensive? Get a discount at

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Models and years (in the UK)

Trident 900 (July 1991 to Dec 1991)…..
Frame number started: 0001—-
Description: 900cc 3 Cylinder roadster/naked/unfaired bike with alloy rear monoshock, 43mm front forks, steel spine type frame, 17 inch front and 18 inch rear, 3 spoke cast wheels, silver painted engine and 3 into 2 chrome exhaust. The Trident 900 had a single, round headlight and an alloy plate between the petrol tank and the side/rear panel and a fuel tap on the left panel.
Available colours: Green
Price (new): £5543 for a ‘J’ reg and £5799 for a ‘K’ reg
Trident 900 (Jan 1992 to Oct 1992)…..
Frame number started:
Description: Same specs and price as above model, 2 new colours added to the range.
Available colours: Cherry red or black
Price (new):
Trident 900 (Nov 1992 to Aug 1993)…..
Frame number started: 4903—-
Description: New alternator, black finish to engine and fittings, black wheels with chrome rims, new 3-2-2 exhausts in black with chrome covers on the silencers, lowered footrest height, radiator hose cover and polished brake and clutch levers.
Available colours: Green/cream, red/black or black/red
Price (new): £5949 for a ‘K’ reg and £6459 for a ‘L’ reg
Trident 900 (Sept 1993 to Oct 1994)…..
Frame number started: 9083—-
Description: New adjustable rear shock, all silver coloured wheels, new headlamp brackets, chrome finish indicators, new front brake master cylinder with adjustable lever, new top fork yoke with ‘Triumph’ badge on it and a new style seat.
Available colours: Green/cream or black/red
Price (new): £6499
Trident 900 (Nov 1994 to Sept 1995)…..
Frame number started: 16922—-
Description: Now has black wheels with polished rims, black chrome exhaust downpipe covers, modified clocks and grab rail and black indicators.
Available colours: Same as above
Price (new): £6649 for an ‘M’ reg and £6849 for an ‘N’ reg Trident 900
Trident 900 (Oct 1995 to Oct 1996)…..
Frame number started: 29158—-
Description: New aluminium, nitrogen filled rear shock with preload and rebound adjustment and black finish swing arm and brake caliper carriers.
Available colours: Same as above
Price (new): £7049
Trident 900 (Nov 1996 to Sept 1997)…..
Frame number started: 42815—-
Description: Same as above model.
Available colours: Now available in silver/blue
Price (new): £7049
Trident 900 (Oct 1997 to Aug 1998)…..
Frame number started:
Description: New shape rear tail fairings and grab rails.
Available colours: Available in black/red and Pacific blue/silver
Price (new): £7049
Trident 900 side

Side view of a Trident Trident 900 in black

Engine and gearbox specs…..

Displacement: 885 cc
Engine type: Inline 3 cylinder
Bore×Stroke: 76x65mm
Cam shaft configuration: DOHC (double overhead cam)
Compression Ratio: 10.6:1
Valves: 12 valve (4 per cylinder)
Spark plug: NGK DPR8EA-9 / Champion RA4HC (x3)
Spark plug gap: 0.8 to 0.9mm
Firing order: 1 – 2 – 3
Engine oil: 10w40 API SG or higher
Engine oil capacity: 3.8 litres
Oil filter: Hiflo HF401 / Filtrex OIF001
Cooling system: Liquid cooled
Cooling system capacity: 2.8 litres
Clutch: Wet (oil immersed) multiplate clutch
Gearbox: 6 Speed manual (1st gear down, 2nd to 6th gears up, neutral between 1st and 2nd gears)
BHP: 98 bhp (@ 9000 RPM)
KW output: 72 KW (@ 9000 RPM)
Torque: 59 lb/ft
Piston ring to cylinder bore clearance: New: 0.07mm / Max 0.14mm
Valve clearance (inlet): 0.1 to 0.15mm (when cold)
Valve clearance (exhaust): 0.15 to 0.2mm (when cold)
Oil pressure: 2.76 bar (@ 5000 rpm)
Idle speed: 1000rpm
Trident 900 clutch basket

Triumph Trident 900 clutch basket

Final drive stuff…..

Final drive: Chain
Front sprocket: 17 teeth
Rear sprocket: 46 teeth
Chain pitch/length: 530 / 112
Chain free play: 35 to 40mm
Sprint 900 oil filter
Triumph Trident oil filter (Hiflo HF401)

Carb, fuel and oil stuff…..

Fuel system: Carburetor
MPG: 44 miles per gallon (approx)
Fuel tank range: approx 130 miles
Carb make: Mikuni (3x)
Carb type: BST36
Pilot screw opening: 2 to 2.25 turns
Carb float level: 14.5mm
Carb fuel level: 1.5mm
Fuel type: Unleaded petrol
Fuel tank capacity: 25 litres
Engine oil: 10w40 API SG or higher
Engine oil capacity: 3.8 litres
Oil filter: Hiflo HF401 / Filtrex OIF001
Trident 900 frame

Triumph Trident 900 spine frame

Electric stuff…..

Ignition type: Electronic CDI
Starter: Electric start
Electrical system voltage: 12 volts
Regulated voltage: 14.5 (@ 5500 rpm)
System capacity: 14 a/h
Pick up to contact breaker gap: 0.6 to 0.8mm
Spark plug: NGK DPR8EA-9 / Champion RA4HC (x3)
Spark plug gap: 0.8 to 0.9mm
Spark plug tightening torque: 18nm
Spark plug ignition: 3 x Coil
Battery: YB14L-A2 / CB14L-A2
Trident 900 battery
Triumph Trident 900 battery (YB14L-A2)

Shocks, brakes and wheel specs…..

Front wheel type: 6 spoke cast wheel
Front tyre size: 120/70-17
Front tyre pressure: 36psi (2.5 bar)
Front wheel spindle torque: 60nm
Front wheel spindle clamp bolt torque: 20nm
Rear wheel type (Nov 1992 to Oct 1994): 6 spoke cast wheel
Rear tyre size: 160/60-18
Rear tyre pressure: 41psi (2.9 bar)
Rear wheel spindle torque: 85nm
Rear wheel spindle clamp bolt torque: 35nm
Front brake: Twin hydraulic disc brake with 2 piston calipers
Front brake disc (1993 to Aug 1994 models, pre frame numbers starting ‘9083’): EBC MD646LS (left) and MD646RS (right)
Front brake pad: EBC FA214 (left) / FA215 (right)
Rear brake: Single hydraulic disc brake
Rear brake disc: EBC MD641
Rear brake pad: EBC FA215
Front suspension: Telescopic forks
Front fork stanchion diameter: 43mm
Front fork length (approx when removed from the bike): 86cm
Recommended fork oil: 10w (medium weight) fork oil
Fork oil volume (Nov 1992 to Oct 1994): 109 mm2 (per fork)
Rear Suspension: Single rear shock (monoshock)

Weights, measures ‘n stuff…..

Wheelbase (July 1991 to August 1993): 1490mm
Wheelbase (Sept 1993 onwards): 1510mm
Seat height: 775mm
Dry weight (no oils, fluids etc): 212kg
Loaded weight (with oils, fluids etc): 235kg

Torque settings…..

Cam cover: 10nm
Camshaft sprocket: 15nm
Clutch hub: 105nm
Spark plugs: 18nm
Rear wheel spindle torque: 85nm
Rear wheel spindle clamp bolt torque: 35nm
Front wheel spindle torque: 60nm
Front wheel spindle clamp bolt torque: 20nm
Trident oil drain and filter

Triumph 900 oil drain bolt and oil filter locations

Service stuff…..

Servicing your bike? You’ll need a Triumph Trident Haynes workshop manual…
Engine oil
Check level every: 3000km (approx 1864 miles)
Engine oil change frequency: Every 10,000km (approx 6,214 miles) or 12 months
Engine oil: 10w40 API SG or higher Motorbike oil
Oil filter: Hiflo HF401 / Filtrex OIF001
Chain drive
Final drive chain frequency: Now repeat after me…..’I MUST LUBE MY CHAIN LITTLE AND OFTEN!!’
Chain and sprocket kits: 112/530 Chain, 17 tooth fron and 46 tooth rear sprocket
Hydraulic brake system (front and rear)
Brake fluid change frequency: Change every 24 months or 20,000km (approx 12,427 miles)
Brake fluid: DOT 4 brake fluid
Hydraulic clutch system
Clutch / brake fluid change frequency: Change every 24 months or 20,000km (approx 12,427 miles)
Clutch / brake fluid: DOT 4 brake fluid
Fork oil
Front fork oil change frequency: Change every 20,000km (approx 12,427 miles)
Recommended fork oil: 10w (medium weight) fork oil
Fork oil volume: 109 mm2 (per fork)
Cooling system
Change every: 30,000 km (approx 18,641 miles) or 24 months
Coolant capacity: 2.8 litre’s
Coolant: Motorcycle coolant
Trident 900 chain adjuster

Trident 900 rear chain adjuster block and brake caliper

Frame number location…..

The frame number is usually stamped onto the right side of the headstock (the front part of the frame just below the handle bars).

Useless stuff…..

Basic Triumph commuter / tourer that, due to good reliability and solid construction still has quite a loyal following. The Trident 900 is considered to be one of the best of the early 1990’s Triumphs.
The Trident 900 was developed and manufactured at the Triumph Hinkley plant (Leicestershire) and although it was available as pretty much the same bike but with a 750cc engine, the 900cc proved a better bike.

Buying advice…..

Nothing overly to worry about with these bikes as they are fairly good and solid.
Obviously, they do suffer from the usual age related stuff like pitted forks and rotten exhausts if they haven’t been garaged. It may be possible to still source exhausts as they were originally made by Motad and there are a few companies who may have systems in stock (I did say MAY!!!).
As with most of these age triple triumphs, they can suffer from worn sprag clutches (if they didn’t have the Triumph warranty recall to correct this) and the coils can be problematic (coils are available but not especially cheap!).
Earlier models suffered from thinner paint which did tend to crack and rub off (this was improved on later models when Triumph moved the spraying ‘in house’).
Obviously, if your buying one, later models had a few nicer parts (covers, grab rails, rear shocks etc).
All in all, a good, solid and cheap bike for getting into or back into biking and they can make good cafe racer project bikes.

Sources / Thanks to:

MCN Trident 900 article
EBC brakes
Rock Oil for the service info

Triumph Trident 900 parts…

If you’ve got any questions or useful comments or suggestions please feel free to leave them below 🙂

Disclaimer: The information on this page is correct to the best of our knowledge. But the info should NOT be taken as 100% accurate as we can, occasionally make mistakes!


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