Piaggio-Vespa ET4 125cc Scooter Specs and Info

Vespa ET 4 Spares

More used parts now available from a Piaggio-Vespa ET4 125cc scooter…….

Piaggio ET4 parts and spares

A little bit about the Piaggio-Vespa ET 4………

Bike model: Piaggio/Vespa ET4

Years (in the UK): 1996 to 2005

Frame number: Started – ZAPM04000—–

Frame: Pressed steel monocoque chassis

Engine type: 4 stroke, single cylinder, SOHC (Single Over Head Camshaft) LEADER type engine (Low Emissions Advanced Engine Range)
Engine power: 14.6 bhp

Engine size: 124.2 cc
Engine Cooling: Air cooled (air is forced round by a fan on the side of the engine)
Oil (non Leader engine): 4-stroke 15w50 synthetic oil
Oil (Leader engine): 4-stroke 5w40 synthetic oil
Oil filter: OIF043 (Hiflo equivalent: HF181, Champion equivalent: X330)
Fuel: Unleaded petrol
Fuel capacity: 9 litres
Miles per gallon (MPG) : Approx. 42 mpg

Gearbox and clutch
Transmission: CVT (continuously variable transmission)
Gearbox Oil: Scooter gear oil
Clutch: Automatic centrifugal type

Ignition, Electrics and Starter
Ignition: Electronic CDI and variable timing
Starter: Electric and kick start
Battery: YB9-B / CB9-B / DB9-B

Weight ‘n Measures
Dry weight: 104 kg
Length: 1,760 mm (69.3 inches)
Width: 670 mm (26.4 inches)
Wheel base: 1,280 mm (50.4 inches)
Seat height: 805 mm (31.7 inches)

Wheels and Tyres
Front wheel: Die-cast aluminum alloy
Rear wheel: Die-cast aluminum alloy
Front tyre: 100/80 – 10 (tubeless tyre)
Rear tyre: 120/70 – 10 (tubeless tyre)

Suspension and Brakes
Front suspension: Swinging arm (aeronautical type) with helicoidal spring and hydraulic double effect single damper
Rear suspension: Single rear shock absorber (mono shock)
Front brake: Hydraulic disc brake with dual piston hydraulic caliper
Rear brake: Drum brake with mechanical linkage (operated via a cable)

Useless stuff…….

The front suspension on the Vespa ET4 has been used on all Vespa models since 1946.
There were numerous ‘optional factory extras’ available for the Piaggio/Vespa ET 4.
The Vespa ET4 125cc was manufactured for the European market, in North America the Vespa ET-4 was a 150cc scooter.
The Piaggio ET4 has been a popular commuter bike with a loyal fanbase and it’s own owners clubs.
The ET4 uses the Vespa developed LEADER (Low Emissions ADvanced Engine Range) four stroke engine. Although there good engines, they do need to be run on a GOOD QUALITY fully synthetic 5w-40 oil!

Buying advice: No real weak points apart from the coded ignitions (if the ET4 has a coded ignition, make sure it comes with the red, programming key!).
Also check front suspension for dirt, pitting and leaks and the chrome parts don’t fair all that well in the British climate!

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32 thoughts on “Piaggio-Vespa ET4 125cc Scooter Specs and Info”

  1. jump leads on wrong way now my et4 is broke any help fixing the problem.New cdi unit,rectifier battery fitted but nothing at all no lights nothing

  2. Hello! Does anyone can please help me. I have now a Piaggio Vespa ET4 125cc 4t 1998, it is air cooler, not le LEADER engine and ai need service manual. Where I can download it? Thank you!

  3. 2 qes ,just bought a et4 1 whats the pressures on the tyres 2 from what I can make out there are two oil systems , one in the engine I found that but where,s the other .

    1. You would need engine oil and gearbox/drive oil (there’s a little plug on the back of the casing, behind the rear wheel for gear/drive oil).

      I think the pressures should be:
      For the 50cc ET4:
      Front – 26 psi
      Rear – 29 psi

      For the 125cc ET4:
      Front – 28 psi
      Rear – 31 psi

      You will need to double check this though!

  4. Hello I’m looking to get some custom wheels made for my 05 et4 150 and can’t seem to find the lug pattern anywhere online! Can you guys tell me what the pattern is?

  5. sorry I diden,t thank you for your good imfo , I put on a new speedo cable and indicator sw trying to get my et4 up to moto spec . later checking everything was ok I noticed wear on the left side ,front tyre , and it wasen,t the speedo cable I can,t find anything loose , but being an old biker and using both brakes to brake most of the time and quite heavy . Im wondering if the front fork flexes and if it can be replaced with double sided ones .

        1. R Tracy , I found the front brake pipe had moved and was rubbing the tyre on braking , it is old and will be replaced and rerouted cheers .

  6. I have a ET4 125cc 1999 Piaggio it runs rich as if the choke is stuck on and wont idle, I’ve checked the auto choke and it extends and retracts as it should, retracts when hot. any idea what the problem might be.

    Tony, Sydney Australia

  7. Hi what is the standard roller size and weight for the et4 125 (leader engine) as I wish to add slightly heavier rollers to gain a bit more speed on the open roads 62, 65mph seems to be its max

  8. Hi,
    I’m having my lovely old ET4 50 shipped from London to Yorkshire and I can’t find the overall height on any dimensions page. Does anyone know how high the handlebars are above ground (rather than seat height)? Thanks!

  9. Got a couple questions as i am a newbie to this game, got myself a 1999 pre leader, needs a new speedo cable , first one didn’t fit so looking to get the right one, any chance anyone knows where to find one? i’ve seen one on Wemoto

    also i picked up some oil it’s 5w40 fully synthetic oil before i came across this page, will that be fine or shall i send it back?

    1. Your best bet would be to contact Wemoto directly as they will help you get the right one (there’s a phone number on their website)?

      Ideally, you’d want a 15w50, but a 5w40 would be fine to use.

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