1960’s Honda CT200 90cc (aka Trail 90) Info

Honda CT200

1964 to 1968 Honda CT 200 (aka Trail 90) Specs and Information

The CT200 was a 90cc trail bike released by Honda in 1964 (NOT to be confused with Honda’s 200cc trails bikes!)
Although these little 90cc off road beasties are fairly common in the USA, they are rare in the UK.
We did buy, ride around and sell one of these in late 2010 / early 2011………..

Honda CT 200 90cc

**Please Note**
As with most older bikes, it can be very difficult to get ACCURATE information, do PLEASE don’t take the info on this page as gospel!!!

The Honda CT200 was originally sold to the hunter and fisherman market (there was an optional gun holder as a genuine Honda accessory for this bike!) in the US between 1964 and 1968.
Extra features included large rear carrying rack, off road tyres, 2 sets of sprockets on the rear wheel and a non sparking exhaust can!

’64 to ’68 Honda CT200 (90cc) Specs:

Manufactured between: 1964 – 1968
Release date: 05/01/1964
Frame number started: CT200—-
Engine number started: CT200E—-
Available colours: Red or Yellow
Top speed (NOT verified!): 50mph (85kph)

Engine, gearbox and drive stuff
Engine: 4-Stroke, air cooled, single Cylinder
Power (BHP): 7.0 at 8,500
Bore and Stroke: 50x 45
Compression Ratio: 8.2:1
CC: 87cc (single cylinder)
Oil: Basic 10w40 4 stroke engine oil
Gearbox: 4 Speed (constant mesh) with automatic clutch
Clutch: Automatic
Starter: Kick start only

Tyres, brakes, sprockets ‘n stuff
Front tyre size: 2.50-17 (250-17, tubed type tyre)
Rear tyre size: 2.75-17 (275017 tubed type tyre)
Rear drive sprockets: Dual overlay sprockets (the rear wheel holds 2 sprockets for different kinds of terrain, the chain can be switched between the 2 sprockets)
Front brake: Drum type
Rear brake: Drum type

Voltage: 6 volt
Battery: 6N5.5-1D

Type: Mild steel/chrome exhaust
Special features: Forestry-approved spark arrester / exhaust

Weights, measures ‘n stuff
Weight: 80kg (180 lbs)
Fuel tank: 5 litres

Whats a Honda CT200 worth in the UK?)

Difficult question to answer…………….The Honda CT 200 we had was a runner and only looked to have a few parts missing and was sold in January 2011 for £450.
There was a Honda CT200 (aka Trail 90) sold on Ebay (complete and running) in March 2011 for £901.

The downside to these bikes in the UK is we’ve never seen one with the import documents (or ANY docs!), which does make registering them a chore……

The engines in the Honda CT200’s can be a bit rattly, but, the engines are pretty much bullet proof and usually go on forever!

1964 to 1968 Honda CT 200 (aka Trail 90) pics:

Honda CT 200Honda CT 200Honda CT 200Honda CT 200Honda CT 200Honda CT 200Honda CT 200Honda CT 200Honda CT 200Honda CT 200Honda CT 200Honda CT 200Honda CT 200Honda CT 200Honda CT 200

Many of the Honda CT200 90cc bikes around seem to have been imported from the USA and Australia (where the MAY have been used as bikes for the postal service in these countries?)

23 thoughts on “1960’s Honda CT200 90cc (aka Trail 90) Info”

  1. The 1965 CT200 Trail 90 did not have an overhead cam (OHC) as stated above. It was, in fact, a pushrod engine. If you look carefully at the photos, you can see there is no place in the head for a cam to be located. If you look at other honda engines with the OHC , you will see what I mean.

          1. Tag on frame only indicates the date the wiring harness was manufactured by a third party (Sumitomo Wiring Systems, Ltd.). It is typically off by 6 months to a year. This is due to the time the harness sat in bench stock at the Honda assembly factory. It is therefore not a correct indicator of year manufactured.

    1. On the handlebars. I just picked up a CT200 complete a two piece gun rack. I’ll send upload some pics later.

  2. Here’s a video of my recent restoration of a 1964 Honda CT200. Not fully restored yet but back riding on the trails after top end rebuild.

    *Removed, video no longer available – WD Admin


    *Removed, video no longer available – WD Admin

  3. I have a ct200 trail 90 it has stamped handlebars I am having trouble finding what year it is
    The fellow I bought it from said it was a 1964 but I can’t find any pictures of that year with those handlebars
    The front emblem is also different the frame numbers are ct200 146041
    Any help would be appreciated

    1. Although similar to the 50 the 90 forks are slightly wider and stronger and have the lug on the right leg for the torque arm front brake.
      I think it’s shared with C200, CM90, CM91 and early CT90 though.

    2. I have a Chrome Edition CT200. Does anyone know how to find out what year it was made? Heard they were made in 1964-66. Since they were for display only, there is no title.

  4. Hello! I still have the CT200 in the pics above, as you sold it to me! It’s not far away from you, at Debenham, Suffolk.
    The bike is MOT’d, taxed, insured, on the road and used regularly. You may see it around. Although it now has an age related UK plate, I have also left the Vermont original on it as seen in your pics.
    It has been regularly displayed at the Copdock motorcycle show on our club stand.

    The bike is pretty much original, I had to solder the gas tank, and water had ingressed the engine, so it had a rebore and new piston, and the stator needed attention. Not much at all really.

    It’s a cracking little bike, and I love riding it! Thanks! 😀

  5. Any help?
    I have a ’66 CT200 (pushrod motor). I have purchased a replacement piston, but it doesn’t appear to be correct. The new piston has no valve relief cuts and is not as highly domed. Is this indeed the correct replacement unit. The box DID say CT200. Any help appreciated. Thanks so much.

    1. I am working on a 1964 CT200, I assume you got the bike running, my question is: Did you check compression? If so, what was it? I am only getting 28-30psi. My bike won’t fire.

  6. I just picked up a 65 CT200 that’s yellow and it has the optional gun rack. And the bike is in really great condition I’ll post some pictures when I figure out how. But the gun rack has a flat bracket (5”) from handle bars to the right side and the gun rack bolts onto the bracket on handle bars and then bolts on the bottom near the front wheel hub on some threads from a bolt on the colored fork part

  7. i just bought a 65 ct200 and the engine is froze, any hints as to what i do next, thanks gary

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