Suzuki SMX 50 Supermotard (SuperMoto) Specs and Info

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2001 Suzuki SMX 50 Supermoto parts…

01 Suzy SMX 50 Supermoto parts

A little bit about the Suzuki SMX50 Supermotard………

Bike model: Suzuki SMX 50 Supermotard
Manufacturer: Suzuki Spain (Suzuki Motor Espana)
Years (in the UK): Available as a Grey Import only. The SMX50 was never an official bike in the UK although a few have been imported into the UK over the years.
Manufactured years: 1999 till ermmmm, we don’t know!
Frame number: Started – VTTSA12A0——
Starter: Kick start only

Engine and gearbox
Displacement: 49cc
Engine type: Liquid cooled, 2 stroke, single cylinder
Compression ratio: 8.6:1
Bore and stroke: 41 x 37.8 mm
Carburetor: Mikuni VM 18 SS carb
Cooling system: Water cooled
Clutch type: Wet multi-plate
Gearbox: 6-speed
Final drive: Chain

Ignition: Electronic
Battery: YB4L-B (aka CB4L-B, DB4L-B etc)
Spark plug: NGK BPR8ES

Brakes, shockers ‘n wheels
Front brakes: Single disc (size: 220mm)
Rear brake: Single disc (size: 180mm)
Front tyre size: 100/80-17 (tubed)
Rear tyre size: 130/70-17 (tubed)
Front suspension: Showa USD (upside down) telescopic forks with 32mm diameter fork stanchions
Rear suspension: Single mono-shock

Weights ‘n measures
Length (total): 2105 mm
Width (total): 790 mm
Height (total): 1200 mm
Seat Height: 870 mm
Wheelbase: 1350 mm
Ground Clearance: 285 mm
Dry weight: 93 kg (205 lbs)

Useless stuff…….
The Suzi SMX 50 Super Moto was launched in 1999 and was a road going (Supermoto) version of the popular Suzuki RMX 50 off road bike.

The SMX50 Supermoto was never an official bike in the UK. It was manufactured by Suzuki Spain (Suzuki Motor Espana) for the Spanish market. A few grey imports have made it into the UK over the years………

Buying advice: As with all 2 strokers, make sure the previous owner has used a Good Quality 2 Stroke Oil as high revving Suzuki engines DON’T like being run on no name/low spec oils.
Also check the front upside down fork stanchions for signs of rust and/or pitting as these could be expensive to replace (and, due to the nature of USD forks, they can suffer from rust and pitting!).

’01 Suzuki SMX 50 Supermotard Spares…

Suzuki – With the help of Google translate!
White Dog Breakers (us!) – Yep, we got out there and measured the damn thing!

13 thoughts on “Suzuki SMX 50 Supermotard (SuperMoto) Specs and Info”

  1. hi i.m trying to find a piston and barrel kit for my suzuki smx/rmx 50 cc year 03 reg no is l*03 *** would you be able to help new or good used many thanks.

    1. Hello, all we have is a complete Suzuki SMX 50 engine (link below):


      The engine runs fine, but the kick start spindle is worn (see the pics on the page above)

      If your bike is an RMX 50 (instead of an SMX), you’ll need to look at the pics closely to check the engines are the same (there are some differences between the Suzuki SMX and RMX’s)

  2. Still got any parts from this left?

    After the rear mudguard, rear side panels, maybe the seat also as it looks like it’ll fit my TS200R

    Mail me some pics and price including delivery if you’ve still got them.


  3. Hi there,

    I own a 2002 smx50. I have no idea where to get parts or upgrades as I am in new Zealand, and nobody here has ever seen these. Not even Suzuki can help. I need sprockets ASAP, and want a few other parts. Can you suggest any info on where to look?

    Thanks in advance,


  4. hi there im after a pillon seat for a suzuki gsx1250fa on a 10 plate do you have one or know where i can get one thank you

    1. If I was buying it, as little as possible, if I was selling it, as much as possible…… 😀

      Haven’t got a clue unfortunately 🙁
      There probably similar to Suzuki RMX50 prices?

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