Honda TRX350 Fourtrax Quad Bike Specs and Info

2003 Honda TRX350 Four Trax

A little bit about the Honda TRX350 Fourtrax (aka Rancher in the USA!)………

Quad model: Honda TRX 350 Fourtrax
Year: ’03 (2003)
Also known as: Honda TRX 350 Rancher (in the USA, Australia etc)

2003 Honda TRX 350 Fourtrax parts (TM3 model)…..

Engine and gearbox
Engine: 329cc air-cooled OHV single cylinder (4-stroke)
Displacement: 329cc
Bore and Stroke: 78.5mm x 68mm
Oil filter: Filtrex OIF029 / Hiflo HF113
Engine oil: 10w30 Semi-synthetic
Cooling system: Air cooled (with a remote oil cooler)
Gearbox: 5 speed with reverse (ESP – Electric Shift Program)
Clutch: Automatic
Final drives: 4×4 four wheel drive. Front prop shaft goes into a front diff box which splits into 2 front drive shafts. The rear prop shaft goes into the rear diff box which drives a single rear drive shaft between the rear wheels.

Ignition: CD with electronic advance
Battery: YTX14-BS / CTX14-BS (same battery used on the TRX350 Fourtrax between 2000 and 2006)
Starter: Electric starter motor with back up pull starter

Brakes, suspension ‘n wheels
Front brakes: Triple-sealed hydraulic drum
Rear brakes: Sealed mechanical drum
Front suspension: Independent double-wishbone (twin front shock)
Rear suspension: Swingarm (single rear shock)
Front tyre size: 24 x 8-12(24/8-12)
Rear tyre size: 24 x 9-11 (24/9-11)

Weights ‘n measures
Dry weight: 231.79 kg (511 pounds)
Wheel Base: 49.3
Seat Height (mm): 812.80
Length: 78.1 inches
Width: 45.0 inches
Height: 44.3 inches
Ground Clearance: 9.7 inches
Wheelbase: 49.1 inches
Turning circle: 10.8 feet
Fuel Capacity: 12.87 litres

Honda TRX350 Fourtrax spares…..


25 responses to “Honda TRX350 Fourtrax Quad Bike Specs and Info”

  1. I’m not surprised the parts went quickly, given the size of the used quad bikes market!

  2. Barry Leesley Avatar
    Barry Leesley

    Hello, I am looking to purchase a digital speedometer calibrated in MPH (not kph) for my Honda TRX400FA, it’s a 2006 model, if you have one, how much please?
    Thank you, Barry Leesley.

    1. Sorry, we don’t have any Honda TRX speedo’s at the moment.

  3. Chirag B Avatar


    Do you have the front differential from the Quad Bike still available?
    Thanks – Chirag

    1. Sorry, the front diff has already been sold πŸ™

  4. Allan Hancock Avatar
    Allan Hancock

    I am looking for a rear differential for my 2003 350 Honda trx 4wheeler.

    1. Unfortunately, we don’t have any TRX350 rear diffs at present.

  5. hi I am looking for a Honda trx 350 digital speedometer a 2005 model thank you minty

    1. Sorry, we don’t have any TRX350 clocks at present.

  6. Hi I’m after the front,rear Carrier racks and the front bull bars with skid plate for my fourtrax 350. 2003 model

    1. Sorry, we don’t have any racks, bull bars or skid plates left now.

  7. Do you have a hand brake cable for the fourtrax 350

    1. Sorry, already been sold πŸ™

  8. Gratious Deo Avatar
    Gratious Deo

    Hi do you have the cdu250cc engine?

    1. Unfortunately, we don’t have a CDU 250 engine at present.

  9. Random question. I can’t find the answer online. I’m going to be buying one of these to work on, any idea what the weight limit is? I’m a big guy, want to make sure it can hold up.

    1. It should be able to, I’ve seen them on farms and building sites being ridden by big (16 to 18 stone) blokes whilst being loaded up with stuff.
      Unfortunately, I don’t have any official Honda data for the load capacity.

  10. Chuck Dayhoff Avatar
    Chuck Dayhoff

    LOL What do you have?

    1. Ha ha, was a popular breaker for us so we’ve sold almost everything now! πŸ™‚

  11. ray hale Avatar
    ray hale

    what s the diffference in a 350trx and a trx 350 tm

  12. Mick Moran Avatar
    Mick Moran

    Honda TRX 350 ’89
    do you have front and rear brake assemblies in stock?
    new or used.

  13. David Wamboldt Avatar
    David Wamboldt

    Do you have the front drive shaft for a 2001 honda 350es,including the couplers.

  14. Amanda Holst Avatar
    Amanda Holst

    Hi guys Are you able to give me a price (roughly) for what a 2002 Honda Fourtrax 350cc manual petrol 5 gear Quad is worth?

    1. It depends really if it runs or not and the working hours/condition etc?

      Your best bet would be to have a look at sites like Auto Trader, Ebay (completed listings) for similar models to get an approx price.

  15. I have a engine for my old 2003 350 and am looking for the unicorn Honda shell with a blown engine lol what years will that engine fit it

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