How to use the tyre innertube valve puller tool…..

Valve puller tool
The tyre innertube valve puller tool (VLVPUL)

The innertube valve puller tool (part no VLVPUL) is a tool designed to simplify scooter and motorbike innertube and tyre fitment by allowing an innertube to be easily located and pulled through the valve hole in wheel rim.
This page shows what the tool does and how to use it.

Unscrew the end from the handle

1) Unscrew the puller tools end from it’s storage bit inside the handle.

Unscrewing the valve core

Removing the valve core

2) Use the tip of the puller tool to remove the valve core from the valve barrel on the innertube (the valve core should screw out anti clockwise)

The removes core

3) Once the core is removed store it in a safe place (these cores are tiny and very easy to lose!). Also helps to keep the core in a clean area as dirt specs can jam them up.

Thread the valve tool head through the hole

4) Thread the valve tool head and cable through the innertube hole in the wheel

Screw the tool head into the valve barrel

5) Screw the head of the valve pulling tool back into the barrel of the inner tube valve

Pulling the valve towards the hole

6) Pull the innertube valve towards the valve hold in the wheel

Pulling the valve through the wheel

7) Pull the innertube valve though the valve hold in the wheel (if it get’s stuck just wiggle it about slightly!)

Unscrew the valve tool head from the valve

7) Once the tyre has been fit to the wheel and the valve is in place unscrew the valve tool head from the innertube valve barrel

Screw the valve back into the innertube

7) Screw the valve core back into the barrel and use the head of the puller tool to tighten the valve (the care should be screwed in firmly but not overtightened!)

Closeup of the valve tool head
Closeup photo of the valve pulling tool head

Points to note…..
1) Yes, we have used an innertube with a thread on the outside if the valve (you probably wouldn’t need to use the tool with this kind of valve!).
2) There isn’t a tyre on the wheel we photographed above (we did try but it was practically impossible to photo with a tyre on!)

Available at WhiteDogBikes, the Innertube valve pulling tool

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