1990 to 1993 Kawasaki ZZR600-D Specs and Info…..

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1997 Kawasaki ZZ-R600 D

Kawasaki ZZR600 D Specs and Information…

The Kawasaki ZZ-R600 D was sold in the UK between 1990 and 1992 (although a few models were registered later then 1992).
The ZZR600D was a 2 tone colour 600cc, 4 cylinder mid weight sports tourer with monoshock rear suspension, 41mm front forks, twin front discs, built in front and rear indicators and a 4 into 2 exhaust system.

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Basic model info…

Manufacturer: Kawasaki
Model: ZZR600 D
CC: 599cc
Engine type: Inline 4 cylinder (4 stroke)
Years in production: 1990 to 1993
Frame number: Started – ZX600D—-
Kawasaki model code: ZX600D
Style of bike: Touring bike (fully faired)
Insurance: Group 13 (of 17) – ZZR insurance going up every year? Save money at Confused.com

Planning on doing your own servicing? You’ll need a Haynes manual for the Kawasaki ZZR600!

Kawasaki ZZR600 D information…..

ZZR600 D side/back view
Side view of a 1993 (‘K’ reg) Kawasaki ZZR600 D.

A little bit about the Kawasaki ZZR600-D…..

Models and years (in the UK)…..

ZZR600 D1 (April 1990 to March 1991)…..
Model: ZX600D1
Frame number started: ZX600D-000001—-
Description: 599cc mid weight sports/touring bike with inline 4 cylinder engine, full fairing, built in indicators, 3 spoke cast wheels, 41mm front forks and rear mono shock suspension.
Available colours: Two-tone red or blue
ZZR600 D2 (April 1991 to December 1991)…..
Model: ZX600D2
Frame number started: ZX600D-014001—-
Description: Same as above model.
Available colours: two-tone black/red or blue/silver
ZZR600 D3 (January 1992 to December 1992)…..
Model: ZX600D3
Frame number started: ZX600D-602501—-
Description: Same as above models.
Available colours: two-tone ebony/grey or blue/red/purple
Price new: £5359 for a ‘J’ reg and £5235 for a ‘K’ reg

Please note – There were quite a few ZZ-R600 D models that were registered later then the official release dates due to dealers having stock left over (so it’s not un common to find D3 models registered in 1993!).

ZZR600 D3 engine
Side/front view of a ZZR600 D3 engine.

Engine and gearbox stuff…..

Displacement: 599.00 cc
Stroke: 64 x 46.6mm
Engine type: In-line four cylinder
Power: 98 BHP
Stroke: 4 Stroke
Cylinder firing order: 1 – 2 – 4 – 3
Oil type: 10w40 Semi synthetic
Oil filter: Filtrex OIF006 / Hiflo HF303 / Champion F301
Piston to cylinder bore clearance: When new: 0.04mm / Max clearance: 0.072mm
Inlet valve clearance: 0.15 to 0.24mm (when cold)
Exhaust valve clearance: 0.22 to 0.31mm (when cold)
Valves per cylinder: 4 (16 valves in total)
Cam shafts: Double overhead cams (DOHC)
Cooling system: Water cooled
Gearbox: 6 Speed
Gearbox configuration: 6 speed (1st gear down, 2 to 6 gears up. Neutral between 1st and 2nd gear)
Clutch: Wet, multi plate

Note: You’ll need a clutch holding tool for removing it, a clutch lever if you’ve dropped it and possibly a clutch cable if it’s suddenly stopped working!

ZZR600 D motor
Kawasaki ZZR600 D motor (side view).

Fuel and carb stuff…
Fuel type: Petrol (unleaded petrol)
Recommended fuel: 95 octane (normal unleaded you get from the garage!)
Carb: Keihin CVKD 36 (x 4)
Idle speed: 1000 to 1100 rpm
MPG: 45 Miles per gallon (approx)
Tank range: 178 miles (approx)

Kawasaki ZZR600 D specs rear wheel
Rear wheel from a Kawasaki ZZR600 D3 (1992/93).

Final drive stuff…
Final drive: Chain
Chain length: 110 links
Chain pitch: 530
Free play: 35 to 45mm
Front sprocket: 14
Rear sprocket: 45

Brakes ‘n wheels…..

Front brakes: Twin (dual) discs
Front brake disc part no: EBC MD4141LS and MD4141RS
Front brake pad part no: EBC FA158
Rear brake: Single disc
Rear brake disc part no: EBC MD4007
Rear brake pad part no: EBC FA129
Brake systems: Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes
Brake fluid: DOT 4 hydraulic brake fluid
Front wheel type: 3 spoke cast wheel
Front tyre size: 120/60-17
Front tyre pressure: 36psi (2.5 bar)
Rear wheel type: 3 spoke cast wheel
Rear tyre size: 160/60-17
Rear tyre pressure: 41psi (2.9 bar)

ZZR600 D3 side view
Side/rear view of a 1993 Kawasaki ZZR600 D3.

Weights ‘n measures…..

Dry weight: 195 kg
Wheelbase: 1440 mm
Seat height: 780 mm

ZZR600 D3 battery
Kawasaki ZZR600 D battery (CB12A-A).

Electrics ‘n stuff…..

Electrical system: 12 volts
Battery: CB12A-A
Spark plug: 4x NGK CR9E / Denso U27ESR-N / Champion G59C
Spark plug gap: 0.7 to 0.8mm
Max alternator output: 24 amps (@ 8000rpm)
Regulated voltage: 14.5 volts (@ 4000rpm)
Starter: Electric starter motor

Kawasaki ZZR600 D info carburetor
Kawasaki ZZR600 D carbs.

Service schedules…..

Planning on doing your own servicing? You’ll need a ZZR600 workshop manual
Engine and gearbox:
Oil change interval: Every 10,000 km (6214 miles) or 12 months
Engine oil capacity: 3.2 litres
Engine oil filter capacity: 0.4 litre
Recommended engine oil type: 10w40 Semi synthetic

You can use mineral and fully synthetic engine oils in the ZX6R. We don’t normally recommend mineral oils as they offer the lowest levels of protection for the engine (so if you are using a mineral oil make sure you change it often!). Good fully synthetic oils (from well recognised brands like Shell, Silkolene, Rock Oil, Castrol etc) are fine for use in the ZX6R, and they offer the highest levels of protection for the moving parts, but, the cost can be prohibitive (you get what you pay for, good oil ain’t cheap baby! :-p ). More info about different oil types can be found HERE.

Oil filter: Filtrex OIF006 / Hiflo HF303 / Champion F301
Hydraulic brake system:
Change interval: 20,000 km (12,427 miles) or 24 months (2 years)
Recommended brake fluid: DOT 4 hydraulic brake fluid
Grease points and nipples:
Swing arm pivot and uni-track grease interval: Every 10,000 km (6214 miles) or 12 months
Recommended swing arm pivot and uni-track grease: Motorbike grease
Other grease area intervals: 20,000 km (12,427 miles) or 24 months (2 years)
Recommended grease for other areas: Motorbike grease
Cooling system:
Cooling system capacity: 2.5 litres
Change interval: Every 24 months
Recommended coolant: Engine coolant
Front Forks:
Front fork oil change interval: Change 30,000 km (18,641 miles) or 36 months (3 years)
Fork oil capacity (per fork): 0.450 litres
Recommended fork oil: Medium (10w) fork oil
Chain drive
Final drive chain frequency: Now repeat after me…..’I MUST LUBE MY CHAIN LITTLE AND OFTEN!!’ 🙂
Useful tightening torques…
Cylinder head (1st stage): 43nm
Cylinder head (2nd stage): 47nm
Cam cover: 10nm
Magneto / flywheel: 78nm
Crankshaft sprocket: 125nm
Camshaft sprocket: 15nm
Clutch hub: 130nm
Spark plug: 13nm

ZZR600 D dashboard
Kawasaki ZZR600 D dash, clocks and bar controls.

Useless stuff…..

Not the sexiest bike Kawasaki ever made, but the ZZR600D was a good, reliable and solid sports tourer/commuter and was fairly comfortable to ride.
These beasties can be bought fairly cheap and are often used as winter bikes and commuters and are popular as a beginners first fully faired / sports style bike.

Although the colours changed over the years the ZZ-R600-D model was around, the model remained unchanged (so 1990 model parts SHOULD fit a 1992 model!).
BUT, the ZZR600-E model (which was launched in January 1993) had LOADS of updates and changes including a redesigned frame, so most earlier ZZR6 parts (including the ZZR600-D) won’t fit the ‘E’ model 🙁

ZZR600 D top/side view
Top/side view os a 1992 Kawasaki ZZR600 D.

Buying advice…….
If buying second hand, you get ALOT of bike for your money and they have enough speed for a beginner.
But, check the exhausts. The original downpipes and cans were mild steel and in the unlikely event there still on the bike, they will have been botched and welded.
Replacement stainless Steel ZZR600D headers are available (but cost mucho £££!).
Because this was a 4 into 2 system, buying replacement exhaust cans is usually about double the cost of most bikes (’cause you’ve got to buy 2 cans instead of 1).

Also check the oil cooler as these are prone to rot and won’t cool the oil if the cooling fins have gone!

Kawasaki ZZR600 D Spares…….

ZZR600 D side view
Top/side view os a 1993 Kawasaki ZZR600 D3.

Please note – The information provided on the Kawasaki ZZR600 D specs page is ‘to the best of our knowledge’ and should not be taken as 100% accurate!!

122 thoughts on “1990 to 1993 Kawasaki ZZR600-D Specs and Info…..”

  1. Hi, I hope you can help. I’m looking for a few parts, as my zzr was dropped on it’s left side.

    Do you have any of the following?? If so how much would you be looking for them??

    Generator cover, left side.
    Pedal/gear bracket footrest front left side.
    Clutch lever
    Rear pedal and pin, left side pillion.
    Also the screen.
    (I may also need some more parts)

    I’m in St Helens, Merseyside, WA11. I could pick up depending location and such.

    Many thanks for your help! kay

  2. How much would you have sold the generator cover for if you had it in stock??
    just trying to figure a price??

    Many thanks, ste

  3. Hi, do you have the back brake disc? If so, could you measure it for me and tell me if its a little over 9 inches or bigger? i have just bought one and its too big!



  4. I have two Kawasaki 600 engines, could you tell me if they D or E series, the engine number are:

    ZX600DEO82— and ZX600DEO27—, thanks, John.

    1. The 1993 ZZR600 D engine we had started with the engine number ZX600DE037—.

      The engine you have with the number ZX600DE027— is probably an earlier 1990 or 1991 ZZR600 D1 or D2 engine.

      The other engine you have with the number ZX600DE082— is a later ZZR600 E engine (might be an around 1998 ZZR600 E7 engine?)

  5. Hi , On my 92 ZZR600 , I wanna change the front fork oil ok. So I took off the handle grips to expose caps , how ever I cant see how I get them off to fill with oil ? There is no bolt to unscrew like other bikes I have owned ?
    Any help with this appreciated.

    1. Got to admit it’s been a long time since I changed the fork oil on a ZZR600 but I think you have to take the cap out of the top of the fork, then there’s either a circlip to remove or it might be a big allen key top on the top of the fork?

  6. zzr600 d 1992
    Do you still have
    ignition key,
    petrol tank barrell and key
    Fairing front bracket for mounting fairing

  7. reading the autobiography of the zzr600d1 … has been amusing, particularly the blogs … the zr600d1 … pictured reminds me of the old gpz models 250, 750. 1100 … as to a novice bike and speed, the zzr600d1@74kw & 195 dry weight is app. 270kw/tonn. in australia a learner legal bike is limited to 660cc & <150kw/tonn. i do not know if a lot of ppl know how to work it out, particularly the police? i got my zzr600d1 bike after a gpz250T & it has more than enough speed for a novice …

    1. I think the idea behind it was that you have a spare fuel warning light incase the bulb goes in 1 of them (as the ZZR600 D models don’t have a fuel level gauge)?

      1. Do you have any idea where I can get one? There’s none on eBay for a d model and main dealer is £185 lol

        1. Sorry, I don’t know anyone who might have one. Given the age of the bikes now your best bet might be a main dealer, at least you’ll know the pump is clean and working properly (most 2nd hand ones are heavily corroded or rusted now!)


  9. hi im trying to put on my new gear lever aftwr breaking off the other one in a accident. n Idk the position for its its in neutral and I can shift into first and neutral but it wont go to second n above….. any ideas or close up photos would help me out alot.

    1991 kawasaki ninja 600D twin cam

    1. Unfortunately, I haven’t got any engines or whole ZZR600’s to take a pic of for you…..
      If you can’t get the bike in 2nd gear try checking the shaft isn’t damaged or bent at all and if it’s not try angling the gear lever down slightly more?

  10. Hi i was just wondering if you had the top front fairing for a 1991 zzr 600 or know anywhere to get one cause i have searched everywhere and can’t seem to find one

        1. hi mate im in Aylesbury bucks uk want around 100 ish for fairing give me a call 07973667195 cheers clive

          1. Got to admit it’s not really much good to us, but I’ll leave your phone number in the message you left and if anybody is looking for the fairing they may contact you?

  11. Hi, I have just bought one a 1992 zzr600 and it has a fuel leak from the hose which is visible from the battery tray, very new to bikes so not sure the name of the part. Could you help?

  12. Hi,

    I’m after the top cover for the little storage compartment on the top of dash that sits under the left grip. Anyone got a spare? They are rare!


  13. Thinking about buying a 1990 ZZR600 that has engine problems? Have been looking online for a replacement engine, but have not found any. Thought I read that the 1990-93 ZZR600 were sold in England? If so, would this be why I dont see any replacement engines? Im in the states. Or, are were there just not many sold?

    1. There’s a few ZZR600 D engines for sale in the UK (have a look on Ebay). Not sure why there’s not any engines in the States?

      It could just be the fact that the youngest of these bikes will be 22 years old now (so that’s 22 years of people sourcing replacement engines, meaning they are in short supply now?).

  14. I have a zzr600 D1 the bike has only done 8000 miles it will only do 95 at full throttle the sprocket size is front 15 rear 45 teeth ive had the carbs off there is no restrictors there and bike starts and runs fine I can hit 110 in theard gear but as you get into fith gear it will only pull 95 if your in fith gear to get it up to 95 it coughs and splutters a bit any idieas steve

    1. I think 15 front and 45 rear was the standard size for the sprockets (so that shouldn’t be the problem). What was the RPM when you hit 110 in 3rd and the RPM when you pull 95 in 5th? Also, re the spluttering, how clean were the carbs when you removed them?

    2. Some sneaky people put 400cc engines in and it’s hard to tell the difference..
      Just smaller pistons, more head weight as smaller bores, maybe something to check.

  15. Hey I have a 1992 Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R twin and it smells like it runs rich, people have told me it smells like it runs way too rich how do I solve that problem. My idling won’t stay at one and a half it drops down to one every time.

    1. You could try adjusting the fuel mixture ratio (there’s normally a screw on the side of the carb for adjusting the mix).

      Or try balancing the carbs.

      Or if these don’t work try taking the carb to pieces and cleaning it and checking for worn/damaged parts.

  16. I ran our of gas yesterday it sucks. I have 1992 kawasaki ninja zx6. My fuel lights blink and the sensor makes a clicking sound when my key is in the on position and the oil light is on but not blinking. Is that normal because my lights does off when I start it up but didn’t come on when I was low on fuel. Also there is a tank P R I but I don’t know how it works because it’s just a nob with no markings.

    1. As it’s an older bike, there’s no guarantee the fuel level sensor still works properly…..

      I’m not sure if it has a fuel tap you can turn, most bikes that had a level sensor didn’t have a fuel tap with reserve on it as well (as they both do the same job).

      Your best bet is to make sure the battery is fully charged, then keep trying to start the bike (keeping the throttle part way open). If there’s no faults it should start, but might take a short while for the fuel to get through if the carbs etc are totally empty?

  17. Hey I have a 92 Kawasaki Ninja ZX6. I need shock seals. Does anyone know which Steel’s fit this bike.

  18. I have a 92 Kawasaki ninja zx600d and I need a front wheel because my wheel bearing broke inside my wheel and the only way to get it out was to melt the seat that the bearing goes in. So do you guys have a front wheel and do you ship to Ohio

  19. Hi whitedog i just got a replacement on my clutch cover and in wondering why when i replaced my clutch cover why is there so much slack in my clutch cable i adjusted the initial clutch levers but still have slack any suggestions ??????

    1. There’s a rite and wrong way to re install the cable..
      Look at another bike to see where you’re putting the lock nuts wrong..

  20. I have a J reg zzr600 with the exact paint colours in the pictures pink/red and blue. Do you know what the paint codes are? I am particularly interested in the blue colour code.

  21. Hi. Like the forum.
    I recently baught a ZX600 92 model with 47000km on the clock. one coment is quite acurate, it does drive very well for a beginner and as a sports commuter. i do have a question, i paid R 28900.00 whats you comment on that. Southafrican curency. im shure the previous owner did take prety good care of it seeing that im the second owner and inly in the last month and half dis i put in 2000kms where as he inly did 47000 in 23 years. I did read a forum before where purchasing an old bike with low kms can be worrysome. It had a vance Hince exhaust which was pretty noisy to me. i fit a standard exh. my questions are? Is there a posebility that it can be fitted with a speed governer. I can only reach 120kmh with it even ef i gear down to 3rd. about 10000 rpm. but when i reach 120 theres just no way it goes faster.
    Also what should its fuel consumtion be. this hike gives me about 10-12 km/litre of 95 octane petrol. And lastly, what is the resale value more less?
    Thanks for the effort.

    1. The bike could be fitted with a speed limiter. Does the bike not rev higher when the speedo reaches 120kmh?
      But, it could be the speedo sticking?

      I think you should be getting around 45mpg (170 miles per tank full) fuel wise, but, there are many factors that effect fuel usage (e.g. riding style, wind, tyre pressures, performance add on’s, your weight/luggage etc…).

      I’ve got no idea what the resale value is in your country unfortunately as it depends on many factors like:

    2. How many are available, if there’s alot about resale value will be less?
    3. Is it a popular bike (some bikes have little resale value because no one wants them)?
    4. Condition, service history and things like tyre condition and has it been recently serviced etc?
    5. Running costs (e.g. is it difficult to get a road test (MOT in the UK) for, is insurance high for it)?
      List goes on…….
    6. The ZZR600 was always an entry level sports/commuter bike, in the UK it’s never been a ‘highly desirable’ bike, which means they don’t sell for huge amounts…

  22. hi there you give out really good info on these bikes in their day they were one of the fastest 600s around although quite a heavy bike I dropped mine on some greasy road fell into the kerb fortunately motorists drove slowly round me looking down at me offering no help at all An old guy helped in the end to get my bike up and help me on my way .thanks for some great info .

  23. Hi,I have water in my oil…..The bike is a ZZR 600 D2 in pristine condition. The air box is coated in white oil so the engine breather is blowing it in there.the bike runs ok for about 10 mins. Spark plugs look good, so unsure if this could be head gasket or the water pump. Is there anyway of a simple check for either? If it is the water pump,do you have one

    1. Cheapest/easiest – Water pump/gasket/drive seal check:
      Drain your coolant and oil(change as contaminated) pull your water pump out.
      Two bolts are to hold it in and two opposite to seal the pump itself. (The pump can actually be removed without splitting it, thus keeping coolant system sealed still).
      However, you will for this as you need to split the pump, to see if any play are on the internals.. (You may find the bearings have gone with the seal and the impeller rattles).
      (I’ve done three on mine, good pump now).
      If so, replace pump with a good clean tight E series pump but re-use the D series outer..
      There’s an additional heater pipe on an E series thats not on a D.

  24. Hi.. i bought a second hand d2 without exhaust.. found originals but won’t run. It start but poor power.
    Maybe carbs with greater jets?
    What are original setup?

  25. Hi would you be able to tell me year and model my zzr is please by the frame no ZX600D00—- ENGINE NO 2X6C0DE61—-

  26. Hi just wondering if you can tell me how to fix this problem when I hook the battery up an turn the key there is no power through the bike I have checked all the fuses an there all good and everything is connected were it should be ???? Starting to peck my head

    1. Check the battery terminals are very tight (common reason for this fault).
      If there ok and you have absolutely no power to anything, check the main fuse (normally just off the red / positive / + battery lead).
      If still no joy you may need to check the batteries not dead.

  27. Hi same guy can the cdi on the D1 model stop working or break no water has got init just thinking it cud be the problem for no spark atm or what do think could cause no spark had it running an then no spark weird one

    1. Yes, CDI’s can fail with age (internal parts wear or burn out).
      Normal reasons for no spark are old/duff spark plugs, damaged HT leads or plug caps (the leads that go from the coils to the spark plug) or faulty plug coils (again, these can degrade with age).
      A volt meter might help you see it your actually getting and voltage to the coils?

  28. Hi hope you can help me I have a 1992 zzr600 the problem is I can start up the bike fine an drive it round but after about 2-3 miles the bike starts to bog and cuts out if I try electric start it nothing happens so I left it for 15mins to cool down and it starts up an then drive again for it to cut out what could it be am puzzled over it ???

    1. Could be a fuel or air pipe blockage (or a blockage in the carbs)?

      You might also want to check you still have a good spark when the engine is hot (if the coils or HT leads are failing this can cause problems when the engines hot).

  29. Hi. I’ve got a J plate ZZR600D2A that has just failed the MOT for rotten Headers. Any ideas where I can get another/new replacement from apart from Kawasaki’s ridkiculous priced ones. Thanks

  30. Thanks for that. It’s really weird. My bike is a D2 but whenever I have searched for a D2 the majority of headers are 4 into 1, and my bike is a 4 into 2. Will keep searching thank you.

    1. The 4 into 1 systems and will still fit your bike, although you may need a matching end can to go with it as the original can may not fit onto the system? Most aftermarket exhaust systems are 4 into 1 instead of the original 4 into 2 as this cuts down on the cost and retail price (2 end cans instead of 1 means double the cost unfortunately!)

  31. Hi white dog bikes I’m hoping you could help me identify the year of an engine I have recently purchased with a buggy I’m in need of a wiring harness for it but without the year it was made I can’t purchase the correct one it is a Kawasaki ZX600DE088127 engine if you could help identify the year it was made that would be great.

  32. Greetings,

    First of all, thank you very much for all the info in this page. I’m the proud owner of a black D-Model.
    I have a question.. is the head lamp on a ZZR600 D the usual H4 socket?
    – I’d like to get the best light as possible, because I have to ride during the night.. Thinking about putting a LED lamp, but I’m confused about the socket. Care to help, kind sir?

    Thank you very much.

  33. Hi sorry to sound like a squid but what are the 3 nipples for under the bike located around the rear suspenion as 3 have randomly started leaking what appears to be oil and im panicking lol as only brought bike yesterday as was supposedly in min conditioin pther than some paint wear any advice is helpfull

    1. They could be bleed nipples, used for greasing up the rear suspension parts? They might have been recently used and possibly need tightening?

      If tightening them up doesn’t work, they are very cheap to replace (about £1.50 each, Google ‘Kawasaki 490011051’ and you’ll find them).


  35. I’m looking for a nose cone / from / top fairning for my 92 ZZR 600 D it’s the plastic that goes around the headlight – nose cone

    0———2 (sorry, deleted to stop spam bots harvesting your phone number!)

  36. Hello, i have a problem, my engine has code ZX600DE032838 (zzr600 D but i dont know that is the d2 or d3, 1992 year in papers) and its completly broken, i can buy engine with code ZX600DE074066 from zzr 600 1996. I know that its E4 mode but there isnt any ignition parts or wiring harness from E models, its only engine radiators and speedo for sell, can i replace other parts from my D model to that engine? And the E model engine fit to D model frame?
    Please help 🙂
    Greetings from Poland

  37. Hello, everyone.

    My clutch cable snapped.. Does anyone knows the specs (lenght), so I can look for it? Thank you very much.

  38. Hello Sir

    Best place to look is on the Kawasaki website.

    They have detailed drawings on line so that you can order or get second hand the correct one.
    Be careful on their drop down list that you select the correct bike.
    I have a ZZR600D and on their website mine is a ZZR600-D not ZZR600D.

    It makes all the difference as I recently purchased the incorrect model from Cradely Kawasaki ( who are excellent). They swapped it for me when they realised I had ordered from the wrong menu.

    Hope this helps !

  39. Hi i have a 1992 zzr600d where can i get a fuel tank sender sensor ? Its a pain in the butt having to guess whats in there .

    1. eBay has a few breaking now, so be quick..

      It’s a D, you’ll only be able to replace the warning sensor..
      No such thing as a fuel gauge in these, just two warning lights..

      No option for a reserve tap either..

      You gotta live with checking and not having a reserve..

  40. I need information on 1990 zzr600d fuel tank tap.
    It has outlets for two pipes one larger for fuel to the carbs and the other smaller.
    I assume the smaller one is a vacuum pipe but as I dismantled my bike eleven years ago and am now deciding to put it back on the road I am unable to remember or see where the smaller pipes goes.
    Also need 2 new hairpin R springs for front calliper pad retaining pins and offside front mudguard clip that secures offside brake hose.

    Having great fun putting it back.
    Tank cleaned
    Three callipers rebuilt
    New discs.new pads
    New tyres
    New starter solenoid
    New carb valves and gaskets
    Master cylinders overhauled
    New battery
    New tank tap diaphragm
    Oil, air and fuel filters
    Angled grease nipples
    Chain and sprockets were replaced just before I laid the bike up so have now been cleaned.
    New antifreeze and flush

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