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This website uses cookies to collect information about visitors (to help us improve our service) and to provide visitors with a better, more efficient website.

What is a cookie? A cookie is a small information file that is stored on a visitors computer. Microsoft article about cookies.....

Cookies make the interaction between users and websites faster and easier.
Without cookies, it would be very difficult for a website to allow a visitor to add items to a shopping basket or to remember log in details or visitor preferences.

Cookies are NOT programs.
They don't do anything at all. They are simple 'text files' that store information which you can read using the Notebook program on your own PC.

What cookies are used on this website?

Store and shopping cart cookies:

Session Cookie - We use session cookies to remember visitors to our website. This session cookie is used to remember if items have been added to the shopping basket and if a customer account has been logged into. These session cookies are necessary and if they are disabled then various functions on the site will not work.

Recent Products Cookie - We use a cookie to remember the last few products you looked at. These products are displayed in a 'recently viewed items' panel on our website to help you find items that interested you easily.

Tracking cookies:

Statcounter Cookie - We use a service by a company called Statcounter ( to help us track visitors on our website. This provides us with valuable information (visit length, popular pages etc) which helps us improve our website as we can see which pages are popular (and which pages aren't popular!).

Google Analytics Cookie - Similar to the Statcounter cookie above, Google Analytics ( also helps us track visitors so we can see which pages are popular and which pages need updating.

Social sharing cookies:

AddThis Cookie - We use a service from a company called AddThis ( to make it easy for visitors to share any pages or information they find interesting on their social network pages (Facebook, Twitter etc) or to make it easy to print or email the pages to a friend (please see the example of the AddThis sharing bar on the left of this page).

Blog cookies:

Our Motorcycle Blog uses cookies to track visitor sessions and if features like the comment facility are used. The cookies used by our blog are necessary for the blog to function correctly and help to improve the functionality of the blog for visitors.

Need more information about cookies?

The website's below have detailed information about cookies and information relating to the new EU Privacy laws:

Wikipedia article about cookies

How to check, block or control cookies on your computer

Our Privacy Policy.....

Customer privacy and the protection of any customer details we collect is very important to us.

We sometimes collect information from visitors to provide a service, information or to perform a task (for example, if you email us a question we will need your email address to reply or if you want us to deliver an item to you, we will need your name and address).

We DO NOT sell, distribute or otherwise misuse any personal information customers choose to share with us.
We only pass information on to other companies if it is absolutely necessary to completing the task a customer has asked us to do (for example, we have to pass on a customers delivery address to a courier company or the Royal Mail so they can deliver the item).