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Select a Scooter or Motorcycle Battery by Size

If your not sure which motorcycle or scooter battery you need, use these pages to match your battery using the dimensions (size) or spec of the battery currently in your bike.
This section will be especially useful for people with very old, unusual or No-Name import motorcycles & scooters.
Please select the type of battery you are trying to match (select which ever image below your battery closest matches).

Click on the image or text below to proceed:

6v Lead Acid Batteries 12v Lead Acid Batteries Sealed Batteries Gel Batteries

6 Volt Conventional Motorbike Batteries

12 Volt Lead Acid Motorcycle Batteries

Sealed or Maintenance Free type motorbike battery

Gel type motorcycle batteries

Donít forget, you can also:

Select your battery by motorcycle or scooter make & model


Select by Battery Code (e.g. YTX9-BS or YB14L-A2).

And theres also Motorcycle battery charging information

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