Yamaha XJ600 Diversion CDI Wiring…..

We have had a few enquiries and questions about the wires that connect the CDI to the electrical wiring loom on the XJ600 Diversion.

The pictures and info in this below should show where the different coloured wires connect to the CDI unit.

The info and pictures are from a 1998 Yamaha XJ600 S Diversion (half faired – 4BRE model) and should be the same on the XJ600 N Diversion (naked model).
Other years may be different though!

XJ600 CDI unit

View of a 1998, 4BRE XJ600 Diversion CDI showing where the connector plug goes in

XJ600 CDI loom connector block

The connector block on the wiring loom from a 1998 XJ600 Diversion

There are 10 different coloured wires going into the cdi (there’s 2 black and 2 of the red/white wires, so there’s 12 wires going into the CDI in total):

  • Grey
  • Red/white (2 x 1 red wire with white stripe, 1 white wire with a red stripe)
  • Light blue
  • Yellow/black
  • Dark blue
  • Yellow
  • Orange with a dashed, black line
  • Black (2 x 1 thinner wire, 1 thicker wire)
  • Dark blue/red
  • White/green

The image below shows how the wires are laid out in the plug (if you were looking down on the plug when it was connected to the CDI):

XJ600 CDI wiring layout

XJ600 CDI loom connector block

XJ600 Diversion CDI connector block

XJ600 CDI connector block top view

XJ600 Diversion CDI top view of the connector block

XJ600 CDI connector bottom view

Yamaha XJ600 Diversion CDI bottom view of the connector block

XJ600 CDI connector block and wires

Yamaha XJ600 Diversion CDI wiring connector block

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8 responses to “Yamaha XJ600 Diversion CDI Wiring…..”

  1. alexandre Avatar

    ola tenho yamaha xj600s,as cores sao diferente tem 8 fios cores vermelho preto,azul amarelo,preto,sinza,amarelo preto,branco vermelho,branco verde,laranja, vose pode me ajuda?

    1. Em que ano ou modelo é o seu XJ600S?

      Desculpem a má tradução. Eu usei o Google Translate!

  2. alexandre Avatar

    xj600s 1995

  3. Dominik Zak Avatar
    Dominik Zak

    Hi. i bought such a motor and i need pinout exactly for this cdi. will anyone send me? I’ve been looking for a few days and can’t find exactly for this cdi.

  4. Yan Mills Avatar
    Yan Mills

    Hi do you have or know were I could buy a CDI unit for a Yamaha XJ 600 pre diversion 1989. TID14-78. Cheers Yan

  5. Daniel Macdonald Avatar
    Daniel Macdonald

    Need a simple wiring diagram for my xj600 N no lights etc just run.can anyone help

    1. If you Google ‘xj600 Diversion wiring diagram’ it brings up quite a few including some on a dedicated XJ600 site. Most wiring diagrams are split into different sections (depending which part your working on)?

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