White Dog Motorcycle Accessories

Used Motorcycle & Scooter Warranty Terms & Conditions

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Most used motorcycles & scooters sold by White Dog Motorcycle Accessories are covered by a 1 month 'return to base' warranty from the date of purchase up to a limit of 1000 miles.
This warranty covers engine or gearbox failure and frame damage present at the time of purchase.

Excluded from warranty are any motorcycle, scooter or vehicle sold for competition &/or race/track use, field use only & uncompleted/non running 'project' bikes.

Warranty Terms

The items below are not covered by warranty:
Any damage that results from neglect of the periodic maintenance/servicing recommended by the manufacturer.
Any damage that results from repair or maintenance performed using methods not specified by the manufacturer.
Any damage that results from the use of the vehicle for race, rally or similar competitive sports & off road use.
Any damage that results from operating methods other than those normally associated with the vehicle (eg overloading).
Any damage that results from misuse or 'extreme' motorcycling acts (eg wheelie's, stoppies etc)
Any damage that results from use of non-genuine parts or from use of fuel, lubricants and liquid agents with specifications different from those recommended by the manufacturer.
Any damage that results from modifications not approved by the manufacturer (engine tune-up, vehicle performance modifications, reduction of lights, enlargements and other changes).
Any damage that results from the passage of time (natural fading of painted surfaces, plated surfaces and other deterioration).
Aesthetic phenomena that do not affect performance.
Any damage that results from improper storage or transport.

Consumable parts are not covered by warranty. Consumable parts must be inspected by the buyer before purchase and the condition is taken into account in the pricing of the vehicle.

Consumable parts include:
Parts: Spark plugs, fuel filters, oil filter elements, drive chains and sprockets, air cleaner elements, cables, brake pads, brake shoes, brake discs, clutch discs, batteries, lights (excluding sealed beam), fuses, motor brushes, step rubbers, belts, tyres, tubes and other rubber parts.

Lubricants: Oil, grease, battery electrolyte, radiator coolant and other items specified by Honda.

Also excluded are:
Expenses incidental to the warranty claim, including: Additional expenses incurred for communications, lodging, meals and other items due to breakdown of the product in a remote area. Compensation for loss of time, commercial losses or rental costs for a substitute product during the period of adjustment.

For any warranty claims the vehicle must be returned to us for repair unless we specify otherwise, any repairs carried out without our previous consent are not covered by this warranty.

Projects, damaged/repairable & salvage motorcycles & scooters:
Any motorcycle, scooter or vehicle sold as either a project, damaged/repairable or for parts or salvage will be sold on an 'sold as seen' basis without any warranty implied or given.

Motorcycles & scooters advertised by White Dog for 3rd Parties:
Any motorcycle, scooter or vehicle advertised on our website(s) for a 3rd party will not incur any guarantee or warranty from White Dog Motorcycle Accessories. If any motorcycle, scooter or vehicle purchased from a 3rd party should develop a fault, customers should contact the person they purchased the vehicle from directly.