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Rock Oil Synthesis 2 Racing - Fully Synthetic 2 Stroke Premix Oil View larger

Rock Oil Synthesis 2 Racing - Fully Synthetic 2 Stroke Premix Oil


High performance fully synthetic 2 stroke motorcycle oil for pre-mix 2T systems.
Available in 1, 4 and 25 litres

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Product data...

Oil type: Fully synthetic
JASO rating: JASO FC
API rating: API TC
Other approvals: ISO-L-EDG
Quantities available: 1, 4 and 25 litres
2 Stroke oil type: Premix only
Detergent level: High detergent

Item info...

Rock Oil Synthesis 2 Racing premix 2 stroke oil is probably the most advanced motorbike pre-mix 2 stroke oil currently available.
The advanced synthetic bases and additives used in Synthesis 2 Racing 2 Stroke Premix help prevent the problems of ring sticking, port blocking and cylinder wear in motorcycle engines.

The phenomenal film and shear strength of S2R give the maximum protection for delicate motorbike engine parts like bearings which improves reliability whilst the clean burning formula helps to maximise the power.
Synth 2 Racing can be used in all 2 stroke high performance engines and can also be mixed with all 2 stroke oils (except castor based).

Rock Oil Synth 2 Race is especially good for older Vespa and Lambretta 2T premix systems.

Benefits of using Rock Oil Synthesis 2 Racing premix 2 stroke Oil:

  • Excellent film and shear strength makes it able to withstand extreme engine loads
  • Helps prevent ring sticking
  • Helps prevent port blocking
  • Fully synthetic formula helps to protect the engine and minimise cylinder wear
  • Exceptional protection for engine bearings
  • Clean burning qualities help release maximum power from the engine
  • Extensively tested and used by Rock Oil sponsored MX and track championship teams!

Oil type:
2 stroke premix oil (fully synthetic)


Please note - This oil is for use in two stroke PREMIX/TANK MIX systems only!

Not sure which oil you need for your bike? Ask Us!

Rock Oil

Postage information...

We can also deliver some parts to Europe and other countries Ask Us Here!


Please note: This item weighs (approx) 0.93kg.

For oils, coolants and similar products the above weight is per litre.


Items over 1kg and goods classed as hazardous (oils, aerosols etc) cannot be sent to some UK outer areas including Northern Ireland, UK Isles ( Wight, Man, Channel etc) and Scottish outer areas (postcodes starting AB, FK, IV, KA, KW, PA and PH). More info...


Questions and answers...

Ask a question about this item...

Question: Would this oil be any good for a motocross bike?

Answer: Rock Oil Synthesis 2 Racing is good for any premix 2 stroke system (its not suitable for 2 stroke injection systems).
If you mix the oil and petrol before hand or in the petrol tank (premix) this oil will be fine.
If you put the oil in a separate oil tank on the bike you will need to use Rock Oil Synthesis 2T Injector.

Question: Can I use a Premix 2T oil as a Injector 2 stroke oil?

Answer: It is not advisable to use a pre mix 2 stroke oil for a 2T injection system.
Injector 2T oils are made thinner with a bit of kerosene which also lowers the flash point of the oil.
This means it is more likely to be picked up by the fuel/air mixture as it flows through the port and will mix and light easier.
A premix 2 stroke oil should have no kerosene in it and sometimes uses a bigger molecule base oil, which makes it harder to mix with the fuel but gives more protection for the engine (basically, when used in a 2 stroke injection system a premix 2 stroke wont mix with the petrol/air properly and wont protect the engine!). More info...

Question: Can you tell me which oil would be best for a go-kart with a 210cc Villiers engine for racing use?

Answer: If your engine revs below 13,000 rpm Rock Oil Synthesis 2 Racing premix would probably be best.
If you gokart revs above 13,000rpm you would need to use something like Rock Oil Castor 100 go kart 2T oil.
Most fully synthetic 2 stroke oils (like Synth 2 Racing) are good up to around 13000 rpm, but, because of the extreme loads placed on the oil above 13k, normal 2T oils tend to break down. Castor Kart 100 was designed for competition, high revving go-kart engines and contains castor and a larger molecule base which makes it able to withstand much higher loads without breaking down.



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Rock Oil Synthesis 2 Racing - Fully Synthetic 2 Stroke Premix Oil

Rock Oil Synthesis 2 Racing - Fully Synthetic 2 Stroke Premix Oil

High performance fully synthetic 2 stroke motorcycle oil for pre-mix 2T systems.
Available in 1, 4 and 25 litres

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