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Silkolene Classic 2 Stroke (2T) Premix Oil - 5 Litre

Silkolene Classic 2 Stroke (2T) Premix Oil - 5 Litre

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Detailed information about this item.....

About this item.....

Classic / Vintage 2T engine oil for use in 2 stroke and rotary motorcycle and aviation engines.

Part of the Fuchs-Silkolene Classics range.
Silkolene Classic oils are blended using modern base stocks and additives to suit the the requirements of older motorcycles, cars and other vintage engines.
Silkolene 2T Classic pre mix (formerly known as Comp 2 Premix) is suitable for general and competition use.
Classic 2 Stroke Premix is a precisely and carefully controlled and blended product that is manufactured to internationally recognised specifications and is designed to match the grades and specifications recommended by the engine manufacturers in the early part of the 20th century.

Silkolene 2T Premix benefits
  • Ash less formulation
  • Reduces piston deposits
  • Clean burning formula
  • Proven long term performance benefits in 2 stroke air and water cooled motorcycle and aircraft engines requiring pre mix lubrication
  • Reduces piston, rotor and spark plug deposits
  • Suitable for use in the Scott engine oiling system

Recommended for use in systems that require a fuel ratio of between 2% and 3% 2T oil (from 50:1 to 33:1 - 50 parts fuel: 1 part oil to 33 parts fuel: 1 part oil).
Users are advised to follow the engine manufacturers recommendations regarding types of oil and fuel ratios to use.

This is a PREMIX ONLY 2 stroke oil.

Oil type:
2 Stroke (2T) pre-mix


Available in 5 litre drums only.

Not sure which oil you need for your bike? Ask Us!

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Postage price for this item: from £5.95 (per order not per item)
Free delivery on orders over £70 (excluding post)

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Please note: This item weighs 5.000 kg.
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Additional info....

Stock: Stock In stock

Brand: Silkolene

EAN (barcode): 5031131293813

MPN (manufacturers part no):

Weight (approx): 5.000 kg

Condition: New


Questions and answers about this item....

You can ask a question about this item Here

Question: Is Silkolene Comp 2 Premix still available?

Answer: Silkolene Comp2 Premix 2 stroke oil has been moved to the Silkolene Classic oil range and is now called Silkolene Classic 2T Pre Mix (its the same oil as Comp 2 Premix, just has a new bottle and name!).

Question: Is Silkolene Classic 2 stroke available in 1 litre bottles?

Answer: For some stupid reason, known only to Silkolene, Classic 2T premix is only available in 5 litre tubs!

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