AGUSTO Ignition Retard Unit



Designed for Lambretta's with SIL, Ducati or BGM stator's.
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Agusto 6000 ignition





Agusto is a revolution for Lambretta / Vespa electronic ignition control systems.
The Agusto unit simply fits between generator and CDI to provide a modified spark advance curve. With the ignition timing correctly set, as explained by the comprehensive instructions included with the Agusto unit, this curve gives you a much cleaner low and mid range, whilst maintaining the retard at the top end necessary for piston sustainability!
Gone will be that woolly, over rich and over retarded feeling required to stop the piston eating itself at high revs.
Ride everywhere a gear higher and see better fuel consumption too. Starting will never have been easier with the timing in the correct place.


Every unit is factory tested and guaranteed!


The Augusto units have been 'real world' tested for a year by rally thrashers, without failure & are designed & produced by Vespa & Lambretta enthusiasts!
The Agusto module is available in 2 different curves, 6000 and 7000, to enable the correct settings for your engine to be achieved.

Can be installed & set up by any semi competent home/diy mechanic and the Agusto units come with easy to follow instructions (written in English, not Chinglish!).

Suitable for Sil / Ducati / BGM stators.
The Agusto Lambretta/Vespa Ignition advance & retard units have been tested & reviewed in the March 2009 edition of Scootering magazine & have been tested on a racing Lambretta by Paul Green (read Paul's blog Here).