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3D Secure Information


3D Secure Card Processing Information

Including info about the Verified by Visa (VbV) and Mastercard Securecode (MSC) Schemes


3D Secure (also known as Verified by Visa & Mastercard Securecode) was introduced by Visa in 2001 & is an online security system for debit & credit card transactions (basically, an online version of the 'Chip & Pin' system used in most high street shops).


Although it was first introduced for payments with Visa cards (under the name 'Verified by Visa' or 'VbV'), this security system was adopted by Mastercard (under the name 'Mastercard Secure Code' or 'MSC').


Using a 3D Secure enabled card for the 1st time....

When a card that is 3D Secure enabled is first used, a window appears asking the card user to register the card with the 3D Secure network.

This involves setting up a password to be used for future online payments using the card.


The image below shows the windows that appear on the Sagepay website when a 3D Secure card is first used to register a password

Sagepay are the payment processors we use for card transactions on our website

3D Secure Registration


Using 3D Secure after registration & for future transactions....

Once a card has been set up with a password, the card owner will be asked for the password in a window before the payment is processed.

Please Note: The password that is set up on the card will be valid for any future payments using the card on a website that is 3D enabled (not just the site or payment processor where the card was first registered!).

The 3D Secure system is linked directly to the card issuers &/or banks systems & it is the card issuers/banks that store the information relating to the card.


The image below shows the window that appears on the Sagepay website when a 3D Secure card is used to pay for further transactions (after the initial use & registration)

Sagepay are the payment processors we use for credit/debit card transactions on our website

3D Secure Registration


A slight problem we have had with 3D Secure transactions....

3D Secure is gradually being pushed to become mandatory for online retailers. Although the idea of an online version of 'Chip and Pin' is good, as it helps to combat fraudulent transactions, card cloning etc, 3D Secure is not as widely recognised as Chip & Pin.

Basically, when Chip and Pin was first implemented there were TV ads, articles on the radio, articles in newspapers telling the money spending public what it was.


When 3D Secure was implemented...................................There was nothing, no press articles, no information, even the card issuers & banks didn't seem to let their customers know about it (hence this page!)......


If you need more information about 3D Secure, Verified by Visa or Mastercard Securecode, please contact your card issuer or bank as they SHOULD?? have leaflets or web pages explaining the system for their customers........


Important point to remember....

3D Secure (including Verified by Visa & Mastercard Secure Code) are ONLY to be used when completing a transaction online (where you enter the card details on a secure page on a website or through a recognised payment processor).

You should NEVER give out your password to a retailer (or anyone) over the phone, through an email or face to face (e.g. if the retailer is using an online terminal in a shop).

If someone phones claiming to be from your 'bank' & asks for either your 3D Secure password or your Chip and Pin number, just tell them to 'Foxtrot Oscar' & put the phone down (no bank or card company employees who call customers would ever have access to these details!)


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